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Our Top Yoga Bottoms + Activewear Collections

Shop our most popular women’s yoga bottoms collections from yoga leggings, yoga pants, yoga shorts, capris and joggers. This is your one stop page to search multiple brands and styles for your activity. 

Yoga Leggings

We dont just “do yoga” in our yoga leggings - we tend to live in them. Slipping them on in the morning and fast forward to evening and we never changed out of them. We want you to be comfortable. There are so many different styles of yoga leggings its hard to know where to begin. Shiny leggings, printed leggings, high waisted leggings or those with pockets. Browse from multiple brands and styles depending on your activity. Many of our yoga leggings come at a “midi” length that hits about ankle length or a 26” inseam. A classic longer length would be around 29”. Anything shorter than than would be a yoga capri (see below). 

Yoga Pants

Yoga pants can suggest a multitude of different things - are they a legging or a bootcut pant? We like to think that a classic yoga pant is a straight leg pant or has a bit of flare. However, the term yoga pant has transitioned into everyday vocabulary and can be interpreted as just anything you could - do yoga in. Some of our most popular yoga pants we sell are the Hardtail Bootcut Flare - offered in many different solid colors and tie dye washes. Another popular “yoga pant” brand is Beyond Yoga. They are a brand that has been around preexisting the activewear craze, and is a staple amongst yogis alike. 

Yoga Shorts

If you dont mind showing off those beautiful stems,  than a classic pair of yoga shorts will be for you! We sell a variety of styles of yoga shorts- from short hot yoga shorts to longer length biker shorts. One of our favorite shorts is from Agent84 - they make the perfect length midi short (around a 6” inseam) that is wonderful at shaping and lifting your booty! If you like printed shorts - look at Colorado Threads or Yoga Democracy (both made in the USA from recycled water bottles!) Yoga Democracy shorts have a v-cut waistband that is super flattering. They also offer fun and unique prints with sports bras to match. If you are into a little shine - look at the hot yoga shorts from Koral - offered in a booty length and classic biker length. Kavala Collective, Nux and Noli 

Yoga Capris

Not wanting the full length of a legging, nor be as revealing as a short? A great pair of yoga capris will be your favorite staple item. Capris hit typically on the calf area for an average height of around 5’6” woman. A very popular trend is the ⅞ legging which is still considered a capri but also very close to a legging. Yoga capris are great for petite women who dont want to worry about having any extra fabric around the ankle areas that might hit their shoes. Some of our favorite brands of yoga capris are from Koral, Green Apple and Yoga Democracy. 


Since the pandemic and everyone is working from home, joggers are a staple item to live in. You dont feel like you are still in your sweatpants from a Netflix binge, but you also aren’t yet fully committed to a pair of denim. They are breathable yet slightly fitted. Some of our favorite brands are Vuori, Spiritual Gangster, Beyond Yoga and Agent84. Pair with a monotone top and jean jacket the ultimate chic vibe. 

Our Featured Brands

Our most-searched brands for bottoms are from Beyond Yoga, Koral, HardTail and Spiritual Gangster. These are brands that have been around for a decade or longer and everyone knows by name. Some of the newer brands that are high on the radar are Michi (made in Canada), Agent84, Nux and Noli. They focus on making unique sets - so whatever yoga bottoms you choose, you’ll have a matching top to complete the look.