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Yoga pants are a women’s best friend. Of course, we are a little biased over here, but by far they are the comfiest, coziest clothes to wear. Many customers get confused between the classic “bootcut flare” yoga pants and our collection of leggings. So to avoid any confusion, we have put both into this category so you don't miss out on any specials.

Bootcut Yoga Pants

Yoga pants with a bit of flare on the bottom (but not too much) are a classic look for many activities. A favorite pant for light to medium intensity yoga, lifting weights or running errands. They are tight around the hip/ thigh area but then after the knee go straight down with a tad bit of flare. They are not tight around the ankle. 

Flared Yoga Pants

These yoga pants have a bit more flare at the bottom compared to the Bootcut Yoga pants above. We would suggest wearing these for similar activities such as yoga and any type of workouts and they will have a bit more flare at the bottom (more than a bootcut and less than a bell bottom). 

High-Waisted Yoga Pants

If you are looking for extra belly support in a yoga pant these are your match. These high waist yoga pants will have a rise 10" or more and will hit around the belly-button area. Perfect for any activity and you can pair with a crop top without showing too much belly, and very flattering!

Straight Leg Yoga Pants

If you like less material than a bootcut yoga pant, but also dont want to wear a legging, the best bet is a straight-leg yoga pant. These will be snug around the thigh/ hip area and then fall straight down after the knee. There is not much flare to this type of pant. Great for any activity - yoga, walking, hiking or gym time!

Bell Bottom Yoga Pants

If you are looking to make a fun & sassy statement with your yoga pants these will be your favorites. Bell Bottom yoga pants are snug around the hip/ thigh area and then flare out a lot around the bottom - think 70's disco queen. Yoga Democracy always comes out with fun new printed bell bottoms with tops to match. 

Our Featured Brands

We sell many different styles of yoga pants from an assortment of brands. Our all-time bestseller is the Hardtail Bootcut Flare Pant.  Like many of our brands, they are made in the usa and from an soft organic cotton material (with a hint of stretch). Other bestselling yoga pants are from Green Apple, Jala, Koral, Yoga Democracy and Colorado Threads. You can use the sorting feature on this page to see all of the different brands of yoga pants we sell. 

We have many brands offering Organic Cotton Yoga Pants and also Made In the USA Yoga Pants.

Yoga Pants F.A.Q.

Who Invented Yoga Pants?

We can thank the well known chemist Joseph Shivers who created Lycra back in 1958 to the success of yoga pants as we know them today. Without spandex or lycra, yoga pants would not have been designed as it is a key component on keeping the fabric tight to the body and still allowing stretch & movement. 

What are Yoga Pants made From?

The most common fabric for yoga pants are a cotton/ lycra blend. These are typically 90% cotton with 10% lycra for stretch. These result in feeling soft to the touch, while adding some stretch for your workout. 

Flare vs. Bootleg?

Flared yoga pants expand more at the bottom towards more of a classic bell-bottom look. Bootleg yoga pants are a tad more straight-leg and fall closer to the shoe than a flare. 

How to Style Flared Yoga Pants?

If you are wearing the Flared Yoga Pants to workout in, partner with a yoga bra or crop top, then layer on a light jacket for your workout or tank top. If you are wearing these to go out and run errands, throw on a loose fitting tank top or pullover as perfect weekend outfit. 

What to Wear with Yoga Pants?

Partner a tight fitting tank top with your yoga pants for a complete outfit.  Alternatively if you dont want anything tight along your belly wear a sports bra layered on with a loose fitting tank top over the workout bra. Layer on a jacket or sweatshirt as needed.

Why Do My Yoga Pants Roll Down at the Waist?

People love this option of "roll-down" yoga pants because they can easily adjust the height of the waistband. Some people love this if they are short in the waist and prefer to roll down the band to fit their body type. Alternatively, people tall in the waist will wear these all the way up to add extra support. If you are pregnant this is also a great option to keep rolled up to offer extra support in the belly area. 

What are our Best-selling Brands of Yoga Pants? 

Historically speaking, our pants from Beyond Yoga and Hardtail make up a large selection of what shoppers come back for. If you are looking for more lounge “athleisure” type pants then take a look at Free Label which makes some stellar comfy yoga pants.



✭✭✭✭✭ "Love Love Love my new pants. These are so flattering and comfy. And as always, you folks at Evolve Fit Wear are super awesome." - Justina P.

✭✭✭✭✭ “Its super cool that I can cut the bottom of these Hardtail pants and they dont unravel. I am 5’ and everything I have to hem so I love these pants for yoga that are self-hemming!” - Francis B.

✭✭✭✭✭ My pants arrived super fast and they fit so great. Love them and am coming back for 2 more pairs. I wish Green Apple made more colors! - Becca M.

✭✭✭✭✭ Really super prices for quality yoga pants. Im done buying cheap pants from fabletics because they just fall apart. I have spent a little more money on these yoga pants but they are by far my favorites and still look like new even though I wear them everyday! - Rachel H.

✭✭✭✭✭ “Im a yoga pant addict for sure! I am a dental asst and wear the black ones to work and then come home and put on another pair just to feel like I changed my clothes -haha! You guys have a really great selection and the prices are excellent. - Amber R.