Love Beyond Yoga? Then you’ll be glad to hear that they have finally (a few years ago) updated their sizing to make all of their yoga pants and workout tops true to size. Beyond Yoga makes fashionable and hard-working yoga clothing that is amazingly supportive, super comfortable and one of our favorite brands that are made in the USA.

Plus, just like Evolve, Beyond Yoga is 100% woman owned and woman operated — #girlpower

Beyond Yoga clothing is made to accentuate slim and curvy shapes alike with flattering materials and fashionable, fun designs that keep a prestigious celebrity following in thrall. Fans like Oprah, Jamie Lee Curtis and Gwyneth Paltrow swear by Beyond Yoga for everyday comfort and reliable workout clothing.

Beyond Yoga New Collection
Beyond Yoga | Evolve Fit Wear

But enough about that, I’m really here to explain Beyond Yoga’s new and updated sizing! As many of you know, when you purchased Beyond Yoga clothing in the past, you almost always needed to get a size down from what you normally wear- which was always confusing for customers!

Beyond Yoga Leggings
Beyond Yoga | Evolve Fit Wear

For instance if you wanted to pick up a pair of their popular black leggings and you always wear size medium you would need to purchase a small and so on. Fortunately they have… updated their sizing with their collection in 2018 (not so new anymore) so if you have some old Beyond Yoga items that are confusing on the size – you don’t need to worry about whether you should size up or down anymore. Just get your regular size!

Beyond Yoga New Collection
Beyond Yoga | Evolve Fit Wear

All Beyond Yoga clothing now runs true to size! We’re very happy about this (and we are sure you are too), as we understand how frustrating it can be to choose yoga clothing online with unfamiliar sizing requirements.

Now with any change there is always that creeping doubt that things have changed for the worse instead of the better. However I can assure you that the supportive fabric, excellent quality and ingenuity of fashionable and flattering designs remains the as good as it ever was! Also left unchanged is the rise and inseam sizing.
beyond yoga spacedye
Some of our most popular Beyond Yoga leggings are from their always interchanging color pallet of their spacedye collection. Plus, every season we get one of their very popular must-have leggings with pockets – always a live saver when you just need a little pocket for a credit card on the go!

beyond yoga pocket

Now that you have this vital information head on over to our Beyond Yoga Clothing page and pick yourself up a pair of the Beyond Yoga Spacedye Leggings or the super slimming & flattering Racerback Tank that will be your new go-to crop top.

Plus most importantly… enjoy the new and updated (and more true-to-size) fit!

Have you tried Beyond Yoga? What are your favorite pieces?  

Comment below, we'd love to hear from you!

xo - Sara (Evolve Staff)


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