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Dress the Part: How Owning Our Yoga Style Impacts Our Practice


Our Yoga Style Dictates How We Feel

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The weather is changing and days are getting longer; we’re excited that spring and summer are officially on their way!

The change in seasons brings upon a renewed motivation to keep our bodies healthy and happy. It also brings a change in our yoga style!

We’re breaking out fun new colors, cropping those tops, and slipping into something a little more comfortable. It’s a perfect opportunity to present our best selves to the world.

Read on for a few major ways owning our yoga style impacts our practice – and our lives!

If we’re showing up to yoga in an old torn sports bra that makes us feel more “meh” than “yeah!”, we are not honoring our practice.

Yoga centers us into stillness and lures us into acceptance.

It’s easier to find our place of calm when we arrive to class feeling great in our gear. In an intimate practice like yoga, our clothing really does become an extension of ourselves.

Tuck your intentions into soft and breathable, organic clothing that will inspire you to bend, fold, and stretch to your best.

Comfort Improves Our Focus

We’ve all been there, especially in the beginning: fidgeting with straps, hiking up sagging yoga pants, or tucking in a too-baggy shirt.

Mid-practice wardrobe malfunctions are the last thing we want to deal with while we’re holding pose.

Showing up ready to focus and dedicate ourselves to the next few hours means dressing the part!

Owning our yoga style and making sure we find fits that best work with our bodies is so important.

Beyond feeling good, we need to make sure we can move well without distraction.

Our Style Helps Set Intention

Yoga is so much about getting to the core of our intentions and desires as we join others on this universal path.

We take our sessions seriously, spending much of it in silence or solitude.

So, what we wear makes an even greater statement when we’re in such a meaningful environment.

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Take the opportunity to showcase your intentions from the inside out: if you’re feeling fierce, rock your brightest and boldest leggings.

For a calm and introspective meditation, cozy up in a feel-good slouchy tee or long sleeve pullover. Find the colors that feel good.

We like cuts that make us feel confident and capable, even at our sweatiest.

We Support Our Community

The yoga hive is buzzing with love for all things that help us better our practice.

Of course, this includes clothing.

With so many thoughtful brands to choose from, it’s simply a shame to miss out. The perk? 

All of our favorite brands are designed by yogis. So, they understand exactly where we need a little more give and where we need extra support. 

Many of the brands that we carry are also locally made in the USA so you can feel good about quality fabrics and lower transportation getting to your closet.

When we step onto our mats in threads crafted by these artists we’re helping our community thrive! Read our blog post about our favorite made in the USA yoga brands

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What do you look for in yoga clothing? Comment below, we'd love to hear from you!

xxo Sara (Evolve Staff)

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