Major News Alert: The Green Apple Yoga Flare Pants are back in stock! This may mean nothing to you, but for many of our customers who have been waiting for months on these pants, it’s cause for a mini internal dance party.After being backordered for what seems like forever, Evolve Fit Wear is the first place to get them! If you haven’t ordered a pair, this might be the most-ordered yoga pant in the history on our site. So what makes these pants so great? Keep reading to find out!


Why Are Green Apple Pants So Popular?

This pant has purely gone viral for the fact that they are slimming, hug the right areas, fabric that won’t peel, fade or stretch out and the waistband doesn’t give you that dreaded “muffin-top” we all hate (see close up pics below). They come in 3 easy to wear colors (Black, Ocean Blue and Chocolate Plum).Shop the Green Apple Yoga Flare Pant



What are the benefits of wearing bamboo?

People love wearing bamboo for many reasons such as:

  • Bamboo is naturally anti-macrobial & anti-bacterial

  • Bamboo textile is very soft to the touch, does not shrink or fade (holds color well) – plus is naturally breathable similar to cotton

  • Its a renewable resource that can be replenished at a fast rate

  • There is no need for pesticides or fertilizers when growing bamboo

  • Bamboo planting can slow deforestation. When a bamboo cane is cut down, it will produce another shoot and is ready for harvest again in as little as one year.

  • Bamboo fibers are naturally biodegradable thus a good option to leave a smaller footprint for the planet

The material is made out of an organic bamboo fabric with a hint of stretch blend that holds up during a tough workout and keeps its shape and color thru hundreds of washes and wears.

If you have long legs, we have good news for you! They come extra long so you can simply cut your pants without hemming (they dont unravel).

How To Cut Your Yoga Pants

Cutting Your Green Apple Yoga Flare Pants

One of the things to note, these yoga pants come extra long (33″) so it will comfortably be long enough for someone who is 5″ 11″. If they are too long for you, simply just cut them to the length you need without them coming unraveled (you dont need to hem).

Our cutting tips are included in every shipment, but here are three tips before you chop:

  1. Make sure to use extra sharp scissors, or else you will get a ragged line.
  2. Wash, dry and wear before cutting so pants can shape to your body
  3. Always leave 1-2 extra inches extra – you can always cut more later, but you can’t grow more back!

Note: Items can not be returned once they have been cut.

Green Apple Yoga Flare Pants in Black

About Green Apple

About Green Apple Clothing makes eco-friendly, sustainable yoga clothing that is versatile to wear both in and outside of your practice.

Mostly making products from bamboo, cotton with spandex or lycra for stretch. We also carry other organic clothing brands on the site too that all have their own unique following.



Our customers wear Green Apple for yoga, Pilates, running, gym time or running errands with the kids. Green Apple is so comfy you’ll probably wear it to bed too!

Write a comment below and let us know if you have tried Green Apple and what you think!

xo - Rachel (Evolve Staff Writer)


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