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Ultracor Review - High Compression Leggings

How many times have you wished your workout leggings had built-in shapewear? With an entire collection of luxury leggings that feature just that, Ultracor is making all our dreams come true!

Ultracor is a premium activewear line that blends fashion, performance, and shapewear, needless to say we’re kind of obsessed.

Each piece is created using patented engineering techniques for an unmatched fit and design. Read on to find out all the reasons why Ultracor leggings are our new obsession (and why they’ll be yours too!).


Laser Cut Precision

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When producing their leggings, Ultracor utilizes laser-cut precision. This process provides a superior fit and design for each of their leggings.

Not only does Ultracor utilize this technology for constructing their leggings, they also use this process when creating their cut-out designs. This provides a next-to-skin feel so their leggings never dig in, pinch or create that muffin top everyone dreads!


Digital Printing & Bonded Graphics

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Ultracor’s leggings are created using cutting-edge digital printing. Their most popular Knockout Legging has patent black stars over their signature black fabric - that lifts & hugs you in all the right areas. 

Each graphic legging utilizes bonded graphics for long-lasting durability. These bonded graphics also allow the use of cutting-edge metallic, holographic, and shiny finishes. Such a cute update to the standard black leggings that tend to sometimes over run our workout wardrobes!


Built-in Shapewear

Ultracor | evolvefitwear.com

Our favorite feature of Ultracor leggings is their patented built-in shapewear! Each legging boasts built-in shapewear that lifts, tucks, and flatters our figure, making them feel like a gift from the booty heavens (hallelujah!).

The shapewear design is made of a breathable fabric, with a seamless construction, for comfort and to help prevent unwanted panty lines.

Just by putting on a pair of these leggings, the built-in shapewear helps lift the butt, engage the core, and flatten the tummy.

Shop our entire collection of Ultracor for cutting edge leggings with an exceptional fit & design. Looking for more? Explore our new arrivals for the latest in womens activewear workout clothing!


XOXO - Sara Rosario

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