Electric Yoga

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About Brand:  Electric Yoga is the activewear line from Michelle Bohbot creator of Bisou Bisou. Michelle has been creating clothing since she lived in Paris in the early 2000's and started her first line, the aforementioned, Bisou Bisou. Electric Yoga her activewear line was a natural progression from the stretch textiles that she used in her high fashion-line. Michelle's love of yoga and the lack of available stylish activewear helped to shape Electric Yoga into it's current form. 

Where to Wear it: Electric Yoga is tailor made for high intensity workouts like Vinyasa Yoga. Their fabrics awe sweatwicking and have feature compression fabrics which allow muscles to recovery more quickly from fatigue. WIth detailing like cut-outs, dynamic seams, and mesh panels, Electric Yoga's designs look just as good on the street as they do in the gym.
Why We Love Them: We love Electric Yoga as they are always aligned with current activewear trends. Their color palettes are always original and interesting. 

Sizing Feedback: Electric Yoga runs slightly on the small side, so we'd recommend sizing up if you're between sizes!