men doing yoga

Men Doing Yoga - Moves from the masculine side

Ok ok most of our blogs are about womens clothing, leggings and the perfect pair of yoga pants.

But why leave out the other sex? More and more men are adopting yoga as their favorite form of exercise. Its excellent strength building (hey if you can hold your body weight, you're really growing some arms)!

We do sell mens yoga clothing and thought it might be a good spotlight on the yogi men out there to show us how its done.  

men doing yoga

Men practicing in between work meetings - key to our heart

yoga at home


Such focus and strengh!

men doing yoga


Men meditating is super sexy... 

men meditation

That chaturanga though!

men practicing plank

That seated meditation pose! 

yoga man

If you are looking for some awesome brands of mens yoga clothing checkout our blog post:

Show your love and support for our men yogis!


Laura (Evolve Staff)

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