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As a man, it can be difficult to find clothing that truly empowers your workouts. Here at Evolve Fit Wear, we pride ourselves on providing a broad selection of men's activewear that will improve your practice and enhance your workout experience. So many men never realize that the clothing they wear can hold their workouts back from being the best they can be. 

We have spent our time scouring the market to find those local retailers and homegrown clothing manufacturers that have found the right formula with their men's workout clothing. Today we can proudly boast that we are the athletic man’s one-stop shop for all workout and yoga gear.

Mens Tanks & Tees

We like to offer a multitude of men’s yoga tank tops and workout tee shirts that are versatile and functional. With men's activewear tops in performance fabrics you can work up a sweat in the gym, studio, or on the trails and stay cool. Our selection of streetwear in soft, comfy fabrics, means you can take your active style to the street and stay comfortable - during whatever practice you choose!

Mens Shorts

Any man who’s ever practiced yoga or gone for his morning jog can attest to what a huge difference a good pair of workout shorts can make in his focus and comfort. Improve your workout with all the features you need to perform at your best while maintaining comfort throughout the day. Our men’s hot yoga, exercise and fitness shorts keep you comfortable with great features like quick-dry moisture wicking, functional fits, flexible 4-way stretch and high durability that will last for years. Forget the cheap workout wear that pills after a couple wears, or restricts you from moving into challenging asanas. Boost your performance, feel and look great with the moisture wicking, non-pill tech, performance level stretch, and roomy fits offered by all our men’s hot yoga, exercise and fitness shorts

Mens Workout Pants & Leggings

Yoga pants for men can be worn anywhere from the mat, to the gym, to the hiking trails and beyond. If you're a traveler men's yoga pants are perfect for trips thanks to their versatility and comfort. Available in many different fabrics, performance and cozy alike, you can choose bottoms that fit your needs best. Choose men's yoga pants with performance fabrics for breathability, moisture wicking properties and stretch for freedom of movement. If you're looking for lounge wear we offer yoga pants with cozy fabrics and a relaxed fit that work best for days off on the couch!

Our Featured Brands

We carry a few different brands of mens yoga clothing such as Rhone, Beyond Yoga, Spiritual Gangster, Vuori and Onzie. We are always looking for new brands, so if theres a brand you dont see - please contact us and let us know what you are looking for.