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Organic Yoga Clothing: What You Need to Know

Our yoga clothing is becoming more earth-conscious by the day and we’re so on board with it! Eco-friendly alternatives to traditional (sometimes harmful to the environment) fibers are more accessible and affordable, and many designers are opting-in in a big way. From tees to leggings to sports bras and more, organic yoga clothing is something you’ll want to know about.

Doing a major wardrobe overhaul is not easy and typically not sustainable in the long run, but incorporating small pieces into your wardrobe as you can really makes a difference. Organic fibers are here to stay – and we’ll tell you why!

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1. Organic Yoga Clothing Benefits Us All

When people say “shop organic” we usually assume they’re talking about their groceries. But with the emergence of organic fibers, organic clothing is a new trend that’s steadily on the rise. Shopping for organic clothing benefits the environment and clothing manufacturers themselves.

Traditional cotton and other fibers are grown in controlled settings (think GMOs) and sprayed with pesticides. The workers who help produce these materials often times experience low wages and harsh working environments in factory-style settings.

Organic farmers, on the other hand, really value an environmentally-safe product that also allows its producers to lead sustainable, happy lives.

Organic simply means a more natural way of living: back to the basics. Our bodies thank us when we adorn them with items that are pesticide, GMO, and toxin-free.

It’s hard to imagine a better yoga practice than when we’re decked out in good vibes from head to toe!

Organic Activewear

2. Organic Fibers Feel Better

Our favorite perk of organic yoga clothing (beside it being toxin-free!) is how amazingly comfortable they are. Organic fibers do not spare comfort; in fact, they’re often more breathable and durable in the long run.

This means we can sweat, focus, and get fit in fashion that doesn’t make us choose between yoga and saving the world.

If you’re new to shopping organic fibers, don’t worry – there’s an abundance of variety, styles, and fits. So if you’re in the market for a free-flowing tanks tops & tees, look no further.

If you’re feeling mellow and want to relax after a session, an organic long sleeve hoodie will keep you stylish and warm.

Or showcase your hard work in a pair of bold tie dye yoga pants. No matter your style or your mood, there’s plenty of organic fiber options to start incorporating into your practice!

organic yoga clothing

3. Organic Fibers Increase Peace Of Mind

Wearing organic yoga clothing is just plain old satisfying! When we are decked out in our favorite eco-friendly gear we feel amazing knowing we’re contributing to making the world a better place instead of harming it.

In the end it will be the little choices we make everyday that create positive change for us and the world we live in, choosing organic clothing over clothing saturated in toxins and harmful chemicals is just one of these choices but the impact can be massive if we all pitch in.

Now that you know a little bit more about organic fibers it will be easier to shop around for the look and feel you’re after without compromising the quality you’re used to. Start small; buy a few pieces you’ve been meaning to but this time make organic fiber a must.

After making the oh-so-subtle switch from traditional to organic, you’ll be grateful you did! You’ll not only feel better during yoga, but your earth-conscious choices will trickle down and positively impact other people and the environment, too!

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What do you love about going organic? If you are looking to add some clothing into your practice made from organic fibers, checkout our list of Organic Clothing we have available from 10 different brands (also made in the USA).

We’d love to hear your tips and tricks for moving into a more sustainable style and life!

Comment below and let us know what you think!

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