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Organic Clothing: Brands to Love

We know you love your yoga clothes. We also know (because you’re awesome) that you love making choices that leave a positive impact on our environment. I mean, no one has ever said, “there should be more chemicals in the ground”, or “Dang, I wish my water tasted more like pesticides”. Here at Evolve Fit Wear we believe in the ancient yogic principle of ahimsa, or non-violence, which applies to all areas of life – not just the hour a day we spend on our mats.

Times are changing and in the world of activewear big name brands are responding to your demand for sustainable manufacturing practices, non-toxic dyeing processes and eco-friendly fabrics.

Many brands have held these values for a while now and others are quickly joining. We think even the smallest step in the right direction is cause for celebration and that’s why we’re highlighting our top 5 organic yoga clothing brands! If you’re looking to score breathable, gorgeous and ethically sound yoga clothing, you’ve come to the right place.

Why Choose Organic Yoga Clothing?

organic cotton clothing

Truth be told, cotton is probably one of the dirtiest crops to produce because of the large amount of pesticides and insecticides required. These chemicals find their way into the water table, and cause harmful effects on the environment, wildlife, and our drinking water. There are also major advantages to organic cotton, it is hypoallergenic, washes beautifully, and even smells better longer!

Some of our lines are even GOTS certified, which is an even higher level of certification that is under stronger regulations and environmental impact practices. So, let’s get into it! Here are our top 5 Brands for Organic clothing (in no particular order).

1) HardTail Clothing

Hardtail Eco-Friendly Yoga Clothing
Hard tail | Evolve Fit Wear


HardTail has been one of the first pioneers of yoga clothing and have been around for over 25 years. They love using organic cottons mixed with a small amount of spandex or lycra. Their pieces are great for any type of yoga and have excellent hold and give. HardTail is made in the USA from downtown Los Angeles.

Hard Tail Eco-Friendly Yoga Clothing
Hard Tail | Evolve Fit Wear

Their HardTail Bootleg Flare Yoga Pants (Style #330) is one of our all time best-sellers and comes in about 5 different colors that interchange throughout the year. They also do some beautiful hand tie-dye pieces and natural earth-tone color palettes. If you see a pair of tie-dye yoga pants, grab them because they dont stay around for long!
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2) Green Apple Clothing

Green Apple Eco-Friendly Yoga Clothing
Green Apple | Evolve Fit Wear

Green Apple uses organic bamboo with a hint of stretch in all their pieces. The very popular Green Apple Yoga Flare has been one of our best-selling pieces for years.  Most of the styles the carry are all solid colors (mostly black or grey) sometimes they will add a hint of color to their collection. 

One thing that is nice about their yoga pants is they are all “cut to your own length” so they have a raw hemline.  They come super duper long (33″ inseam) and you just cut to your perfect length – no hemming required. They don’t unravel, shrink or stretch! 

>> shop Green Apple

3) LVR Fashion

lvr clothing

Designed and made in the USA, LVR Fashion uses GOTS organic cotton, bamboo and other eco-friendly fabrics like Modal. Modal is awesome because not only is it 100% biodegradable but it’s also like, the softest thing ever. In fact all of LVR’s pieces are some of the softest, yummiest, yoga pants, leggings, capris, and shorts we have ever worn!

LVR does amazing things for the planet and they continued efforts to create beautiful, organic yoga clothing is what makes them one of our absolute faves! We love their natural dye washes, tie-dyes, and solids. Their beautiful earth and jewel tones will without a doubt set your wardrobe apart.
>> shop LVR Clothing

4) Colorado Threads

colorado threads
Colorado Threads | Evolve Fit Wear

Colorado Threads is another amazing company that really stands behind their commitment to make the world a better place. Based out of Denver, Colorado this eco-friendly brand keeps all their production local, utilizes the most sustainable materials and focuses on making durable pieces which is such an important part of creating sustainability in activewear! Their yoga pants are expertly printed with rich, gorgeous colors that we love rocking on and off the mat.

>> shop Colorado Threads

Planet Earth First

We love to carry brands that give back to the earth, their communities, and their employees. Treating everyone with kindness and love is the only way to go. Remember that also goes for yourself too. So treat yourself to the luxury of organic yoga clothing, and help make the world a better place for everyone.
Help us make everyday Earth Day!

made in usaHave you tried any of these brands we mentioned or are their other brands we didn't? Drop us a comment below, we'd love to hear from you!



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    since i basically live in yoga pants, i try to buy organic as much as I can

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