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Hardtail Clothing was one of the first pioneers in the yoga clothing market created by husband and wife power duo, Dick and Patty Cantrell. With the popularity of yoga, Hardtail was at the centerpoint. Offering an engaging color palette, buttery soft fabrics, and organic cotton fabrics, Hardtail has become a staple in women's closets everywhere. Inspired by the southern California lifestyle, Hard Tail incorporates a casual, relaxed, laid back vibe into every piece. It is a sought-after brand for people looking for organic clothing.

Key Pieces: The top selling item from their collection is by far the Rolldown Bootleg Flare Pant that also comes in funky tie dye washes as well. We always have around 5-7 colors in stock for those classic bootcut pant. The bestselling tank is the Double Cross Tank - typically made in staple colors year round this item has a shelf bra so its really 2 in 1.

Where to Wear: Hardtail offers functional yoga pants, supportive tank tops and yoga bras in super soft organic cotton fabric. All of the pieces are dyed by hand with natural color pallet. The brands selection of leggings and yoga pants offer a range of styles and designs in soft, comfortable fabrics.

Why We Love: The yoga pants and tops are so comfy you’ll want to wear them to bed yet they look amazing and flattering on. We love the fun, vibrant colors, and laid back style Hard Tail brings to the activewear industry. Its also no secret we are suckers for clothing made in the usa.



✭✭✭✭✭ "I only buy clothing that is made from organic cotton because I am allergic to man-made materials. I have worn Hardtail for years and is pretty much all I wear to workout in.” -Anesa H

✭✭✭✭✭ "I have 5 pairs of the bootcut flares and absolutely love them. I’d like them in more tie dye colors if possible. I also am really short 5”1” and I cut them to be shorter length and dont have to get them hemmed - nice little perk :) - Alice P.

✭✭✭✭✭ "I needed to size down because the wide leg flares were falling off of me. Im a size 4 and typically a small but an XS did the trick. I love them and wanting another pair just so I dont have to wash them so much.” - Rachel T..

✭✭✭✭✭ Ive worn Hardtail for the past 30 years (that ages me I know). Im in my late 50’s and I’ve always been a big supporter of this brand. Great quality stuff and it lasts a long time. - Lorraine S.

✭✭✭✭✭ "love their organic cotton pieces. The bras I wear under most of my t-shirts. Its nice to throw them in the washer & dryer (always forget to line dry) but they hold up perfectly and they are even my go-to when I get home from work. - Sariah R