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Hardtail Clothing is a yogi favorite among yoga instructors and yogis alike. They are one of our bestselling brands that are made in the usa from cotton-like materials. Their 330 Bootcut flares are an all time bestselling yoga pant - always offered in at least 10 different colors and tie dyes! 

The Hard Tail Forever Story

Hardtail Clothing was one of the first pioneers in the yoga clothing market created by husband and wife power duo, Dick and Patty Cantrell. With the popularity of yoga on the rise, Hardtail was at the center point. Offering an engaging color palette, buttery soft fabrics, and organic cotton fabrics, Hardtail has become a staple in women's closets everywhere. Inspired by the southern California lifestyle, Hard Tail incorporates a casual, relaxed, laid-back vibe into every piece. It is a sought-after brand for people looking for organic clothing. Today they design, manufacture and source their fabrics all in Los Angeles, CA - using the same in house manufacturing process they did 25 years ago. Their unique one of a kind tie dyes are done by hand - thus there are slight differences found in each of the pieces. Their yoga pants pair perfectly with their yoga tank tops - as they are all made using the same fabric and dyes. Its fun to mix and match their pieces together!

Why We Love Hard Tail 

Hardtail offers functional yoga pants, supportive tank tops and yoga bras in super soft organic cotton fabric. All of the pieces are dyed by hand with natural color pallet. We love the fun, vibrant colors, and laid-back style Hard Tail brings to the activewear industry. The brand's selection of leggings and yoga pants offers a range of styles and designs in soft, comfortable fabrics. Hard Tail has been manufacturing their key staple pieces for over 25 years- allowing you to re-buy what you have been wearing and loving again and again. We find ourselves dressing up HardTail leggings and pants with an oversized sweater and sneakers for a cool outdoor attire as well as wearing their pieces at home before bed. Either way you’ll find yourself grabbing your Hard Tail pieces on a regular basis!

Most Popular Hard Tail Yoga Clothing Products

Hardtail offers our best selling styles of yoga pants, wide leg pants and yoga tanks. The fabric is unbeatable - with a buttery soft feel, hint of stretch and longevity that will last hundreds of washes & wears!

Hard Tail Yoga Pants

The top-selling item from their collection is by far the Rolldown Bootleg Flare Pant which also comes in funky tie dye washes as well. We always have around 5-7 colors in stock for that classic bootcut pants. One of the great aspects to the yoga pants is the waistband is tall enough to be considered a high rise, but it is made from a thin fabric that can also be worn rolled down too. If the length is too long dont worry - you can easily cut your bootcut flares to your desired length without needing to hem them. It will be a raw edge but they wont unravel- the hemline will lightly roll up so it still looks finished. Pair your Hard Tail yoga pants with sneakers and an oversized sweater for a cool relaxed outfit you can run errands and feel comfy in. And hey, if theres an impromptu yoga class you want to attend- you are always ready for a downdog!

Hard Tail Sizing  

We find that HardTail runs true to size for most customers. Their fit is light-medium compression so you dont have to worry about squeezing into a teeny tiny size. The fabric is preshrunk so the size you get will be the same after washing and wearing. Look for a "size chart" link on each of the products - next to the size buttons. You can reference your measurements to the recommendations. 

To care for your HardTail items, wash in warm water and either dry in a cool setting or hang dry to preserve the elasticity. 



✭✭✭✭✭ "I only buy clothing that is made from organic cotton because I am allergic to man-made materials. I have worn Hardtail for years and is pretty much all I wear to workout in.” -Anesa H

✭✭✭✭✭ "I have 5 pairs of the bootcut flares and absolutely love them. I’d like them in more tie dye colors if possible. I also am really short 5”1” and I cut them to be shorter length and dont have to get them hemmed - nice little perk :) - Alice P.

✭✭✭✭✭ "I needed to size down because the wide leg flares were falling off of me. Im a size 4 and typically a small but an XS did the trick. I love them and wanting another pair just so I dont have to wash them so much.” - Rachel T..

✭✭✭✭✭ Ive worn Hardtail for the past 30 years (that ages me I know). Im in my late 50’s and I’ve always been a big supporter of this brand. Great quality stuff and it lasts a long time. - Lorraine S.

✭✭✭✭✭ "love their organic cotton pieces. The bras I wear under most of my t-shirts. Its nice to throw them in the washer & dryer (always forget to line dry) but they hold up perfectly and they are even my go-to when I get home from work. - Sariah R