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Why I am so obsessed with Yellow? A quick life interpretation by color

Okay so lately whenever I have been out shopping for anything new, hippie yoga pants, house décor, accessories, you name it…I have been exceptionally attracted to the color yellow!

Even my food choices are swayed. Yesterday I purchased a banana at my favorite coffee shop ‘Shot in the Dark’ I think because I was subconsciously persuaded by its glistening yellow outer peel.

I have a new favorite yellow head band from a hippie gypsy boutique that I often coordinate with my new yellow sunglasses and most recently I am on a hunt for a bright yellow yoga mat! Call me yellow mellow – but there may be a reason behind it all.

When I worked as a marketing coordinator at a holistic gemstone company in Southern California, I had to research interpretations behind color therapy and what it says about your current life stage. This is what I remember from my research, maybe it will clue you in as to why you have been reaching for particular colors lately…

Yellow – You are searching for innocence, fun, smiles and new opportunities. You want to take life a little less seriously. Laughter and humor is important to you right now. Continue to lighten up, enjoy the fluff and let go of the details that otherwise bog you down.

Yellow Fruit

Green – Pretty much the complete opposite of yellow. You are on a responsible and firm track towards success (or at least that’s where you want to be). You are looking for patience, perseverance, and growth. Money seems attainable.

Green Fruit

Blue– You are feeling more sensitive in your life. You are seeking deeper and more meaningful relationships. You may be a bit vulnerable, but your artistic side is irking to come out. Listen to your heart not your head right now. Blue is your time to develop your inner emotional ‘poet’.

Blue Fruit

Red– Sex, love and rock and roll. If you have been attracted to red lately, it means you are either single and ready to mingle or already smitten in a passionate love connection. Red is all about sensuality and intensity. Seek out a new adventure, party, or place.

Red Fruit

Sparkles– Well this one isn’t an “actual” color on the color wheel, but I also have found myself gravitating to anything sparkle related. It means you are ready to stand out, pave a path for YOU and be unique. Shiny leggings anyone?

So what’s your current life stage color?

Is the color you have been attracted to not listed? Drop us a comment, and I will shoot you back the interpretation!

xo – Jenna Hall

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  • Jasmine Hewitt

    i have a blocked throat chakra so I’ve been gravitating to blues more often lately

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