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Yoga mats are so diverse these days that it's hard to know which mat is the right one for your practice. Whether you're looking for a yoga rug or a hot yoga combo mat, we have what you didn't even know you were looking for.

Hot Yoga Mats

If you are looking for a yoga mat for hot yoga, you want to focus on something that will not slip when it gets wet. Some people opt to get a yoga towel to place on top of the yoga mat - that aids in reducing slipppage. There are some yoga mats (such as Popflex) that is a yoga towel adhered to the mat (basically 2 in one)! The two most naturally grippy mats that dont need a towel are from B Yoga and Manduka. They are a favorite amongst hot yogis. 

Thick & Padded Yoga Mats

An average thickness for a yoga mat is 5mm thick. Most mats come in this thickness naturally. If you need an extra thick yoga mat (for joint support or an injury) we’d suggest the Manduka Black Mat Pro - its 6mm thick and made from an extra supportive material - its one of our most popular mats on the website. Additionally some people get a new mat, and then place their old mat underneath their new mat- to add a total of 10mm of cushion. 

Wide & Long Yoga Mats

Sometimes you need an extra bit of length on your yoga mat. An average size is 68” long for a standard yoga mat length. An extra long mat would be around 71” - giving you a few extra inches to play with. The brands that carry extra long mats would be Manduka and B Yoga. 

Printed Yoga Mats

Printed yoga mats add a little extra personality to your practice! Choose the print that most speaks to you - from a bright and colorful print from Yoga Design Lab to a monotone two-tone printed mat with the lunar phases. Whatever it is, we have something for everyone! 

Our Featured Yoga Mat Brands

We carry a variety of yoga mat brands so you can pick your favorite - from printed yoga mats, to basic colors to travel mats on the go. If you are looking for a towel to top your yoga mat we have those too!


Manduka yoga mats and accessories are a classic staple. Their mats have been around for over 20 years and is a benchmark as an industry standard for quality. Their most popular mat is the “Black Mat Pro” which is extremely sturdy and durable. 

B MAT Yoga

B Yoga mats are an up and coming brand and a favorite to celebs like Meghan Markle and Jennifer Aniston. They are designed and manufactured in Canada. We love them because the rubber is very unique and excellent for hot yoga as it has an extra grippy texture. 

Yoga Design Lab

Yoga Design Lab always releases cool geometric printed yoga mats and towels. Most of their mats are the “Combo Yoga Mat” that has a yoga towel fused on top of the yoga mat (two in one)

Popflex Yoga Mats

The owner of Popflex is famous Instagram influencer Cassey Ho. She spends much of her day on a yoga mat so knows a thing or two about them. All of her mats come with a free carrier strap. They also have a towel on top of the mat to reduce slipping. 

Jade Yoga Mats

Jade yoga mats are all made from organic and natural rubber. We love them for the environmental aspect. The only thing to beware of is storing your mat out of the sun - which can break down the natural rubbers