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What to Look for When You Buy Yoga Mats Online: Yoga mats are so diverse these days that it's hard to know which mat is the right one for your practice. Whether you're looking for a yoga rug or a hot yoga combo mat, we have what you didn't even know you were looking for. Printed mats are a great accessory for the yogi who wants to add a little aesthetic flare to their practice. Mats made from natural rubber are perfect for green yogis who need a little extra grip. Maybe a mat and a towel is what you need for your hot yoga practice we have both of those as well as combo mats which feature both a mat and towel in one! 

Brands to Look Out For: If the yoga mat and towel combo idea caught your eye then check out the combo mats from Yoga Design Lab and Yoga Zeal! Manduka is one of the more prominent mat brands and guarantees their mats for life. If you want to travel and keep up your yoga practice, brands like Jade Yoga and B Yoga have awesome travel mats for nomadic yogis!

Trending Now: Printed mats are all the rage as yogis seek to find the individuality on their mats. Brands like Vagabond Goods and Yeti Yoga have awesome printed yoga mats. 




Vagabond Goods Yoga Mat: "Best quality & inspiring prints!" (via

Manduka PRO Yoga Mat: "First off, I've been practicing ashtanga/power yoga for about a year and a half now. I'm not an expert, but I know what works for me. My hands and feet sweat a lot during class. Most mats I've tried turn into a slip-and-slide after the first 5 minutes. From day one I've had to use a towel under my hands at the front of the mat to keep from collapsing in down dog. I've tried them all, your standard "sticky" mat, a mysore rug, etc. The sticky mat gripped until I got sweaty then it was worthless. The mysore rug needed to be so wet to grip that I ended up sitting on wet spots (not fun). The Black Mat is the only one that works. It grips perfectly and I don't even need the towel under my hands. I also love that it is so thick and dense. It doesn't "follow" me when I jump through, provides plenty of padding for my knees/arms, and is very stable for balancing poses. I even like that it's helps tone my arms!" (via

Hugger Mugger Tapas Original Sticky Mat: "Overall I'm quite satisfied with this mat. The additional thickness cushions my knees & hands well but does not affect stability/balance. It's slightly longer than my old mat. At first I didn't think I'd need or want the extra length, but it's turned out to be a major plus - a lot less repositioning as I move through my classes. The mat did have a strong smell when I first got it, but it went away after I left it unrolled outside for a few hours. I've read Amazon reviews about this mat being slippery, but that has not been my experience. The first use was a bit slick, but after a few classes and wipe-downs w/the studio's cleaner the mat was sufficiently sticky. I don't feel myself slipping, and it doesn't distract me during my practice. I've used it for super-sweaty and slow classes and have no more problems." (via

YogaDesign Lab Combo Mat: "I have been practicing yoga for a little over a year now and recently decided to step it up by adding a Bikram class to the rotation. The thing is, I learned pretty quickly that my favorite everyday yoga mat becomes quite slippery and I then I need to bring a towel. The thing is, sometimes I am just quickly on the go and don't remember it, or just the thought of hauling so much with me comes out to be a bummer. So I picked up this all-in-one hot yoga mat/towel combo that also happens to have a carrying strap. This beautiful mat is not only visually attractive, but because it is a yoga mat, yoga towel and carrying tote - I am saving time and money - which I love! It has a sort of soft suede-like texture which makes for a great hold when things get sweaty at yoga class - but also makes it harder at the beginning of class. They recommend spraying the mat with some water to help with that and as more time goes on, I am getting the hang of what the right amount is to allow me to move more easily at the beginning of class and not get to crazy at by the end. I also love that you can wash this mat in the washing machine so I can be sure there is no leftover bacteria or anything left from my class. It washes well and then I just hang it in the bathroom to dry. I've washed it twice so far and it is holding up beautifully!" (via