Yoga Mat Guide: Find Your Soul Mat

So, maybe you have worn through your old mat, or maybe you have gotten tired of that cheap mat flaking off pieces of itself on your cute yoga pants. Let’s face it, every yogi needs a mat upgrade at sometime. With so many different mat choices out there it can be hard to choose the right mat. We’ve put together a guide to help you choose the perfect soul-mat for your unique yoga practice.

Stick with the Basics: If you are looking for simple, affordable, and durable we have just the mats for you. These mats are portable enough to bring to a studio and thick enough to provide you with all the comfort without the weight and cost of a heavy duty mat.

Jade Harmony Mat – 68″ x 24″ // Thickness: 3/16″ // Weight 4.5 lbs

Why we love it: This mat has incredible slip resistance. It is made of natural rubber and is just the right thickness for a comfortable practice and the perfect weight to pack your personal mat to yoga class. The Jade Harmony Mat is made of eco friendly materials without chemicals. An added bonus is that Jade plants a tree for every mat sold!

Manduka eKo Lite Mat- 68″ x 24″ // Thickness: 3/16 // Weight 4lbs

Why we love it: This awesome mat is great for anything from yin to hot yoga, it has amazing non-slip made from sealed-cell natural rubber that creates a hygienic barrier to keep you and your mat looking and feeling great. This mat is made from eco-friendly materials that will last and last! The Yogini on The Go: When life demands that you go-go-go you need your yoga practice more than ever and a mat that can keep up with you.


Manduka Eco Super Lite – 68” x 24” // Thickness: 1/16” // Weight 2lbs

Why we love it: Our most portable full size yoga mat is SUPER lightweight, foldable or rollable to fit easily into a suitcase or gym bag, and has unmatched grip for even the most sweatiest of work outs. This awesome mat also is made fro bio-degradable natural rubber and will leave no carbon footprint behind!

Jade Travel Mat  – 68” x 24” //  Thickness: 1/8” // Weight: 3lbs

Why we love it: This mat is made from natural rubber, which is an eco-friendly material. It is lightweight and has a great stick to keep you from sliding around in your downdog. Made in the USA, this mat comes in a variety of colors and each purchase goes toward planting a tree!   The Serious Practitioner: When you have made your practice as necessary as the air you breathe, you’ll need a mat that will stay with you until the end. That is why we love these heavy-duty yoga mats.


Manduka Black Mat Pro – 71” x 26” // Thickness: 1/4” // Weight: 7lbs

Why we love it: This mat has unparalleled comfort and non-slip surface. Extra long and wide for those who like to move around in their practice, and will will look new forever with it’s sleek black surface. Practice like a pro with this chemical free, latex free, emission free beauty of a yoga mat.

Jade Fusion Mat – 68″ x 24″ // Thickness: 5/16″ //Weight: 7lbs

Why we love it: This mat is made with natural rubber, and is extra thick for superior comfort on your joints. The extra grip surface won’t leave you slipping during your practice. Jade yoga mats are made in the USA and Jade plants a tree for every mat sold.   The Unique Yogini: When expressing your uniqueness is just as important as your practice we have got you covered. From super cool yoga rugs to mats with cool prints and designs we will keep you inspired to keep hitting your mat.


La Vie Boheme Yoga Mats – 74″ x 24″ // Thickness: 1/4″ // Weight: 3lbs

Why we love it: These mats are so cool that they will have everyone reeling with mat envy. With beautiful patterns, quotes, and colors inspired by dream catchers, mandalas, Persian rugs, and more, we can’t help but fall in love with the uniqueness that these mats will bring to your practice.

Manduka Indian Shama Rug – 80.75″ x 27″  // Thickness: 3/16″ Weight: 3lbs

 Why we love it: This isn’t your typical rubber yoga mat. In fact this rug is a throw back to the roots of yoga. This woven mat will prevent slipping on any surface and can be used on top of your yoga mat or on its own. It is made from 100% natural organic cotton and is dyed using eco-friendly dyes. The best part is that you can throw it in the washer and dryer!

Need extra goodies? We have you covered with that too! From YogaPaws that turn your hands and feet into a yoga mat to blocks, straps, and non-slip towels for hot yoga, Evolve Fit Wear has you covered! If you have any other questions about our mats or props feel free to hop on chat, email us at, or call us at 1-888-708-5585

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