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Yoga Pants: Comfy Costumes for Halloween

Who says you have to sacrifice comfort for your halloween costume? Believe it or not yoga pants can be the foundation of a great costume.

Better yet? You can incorporate yoga clothing into your wardrobe so you can continue using them all year long!

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The best kind of costume is one that looks good but most importantly you feel comfortable in it. 

Below are some of our favorite costumes we’ve created using yoga pants and typical activewear that we all already have in our closets.

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Yoga Pants Make The Best Costumes

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A classic vampire costume gets modernized with some classic sleek black leggings and a simple matching crop top.

Add some boots (even knee-high boots would look great) and some fake blood, and you’ve got a chic take on a vampire.

Sexy Devil

halloween devil

You can never go wrong with a sexy devil costume. With red hot leggings and a coordinating bra top all you need is horns, wings, and a tail, and you’ll be ready for any halloween party!


halloween fairy

With a little bit of faith, trust, and fairy dust, you can put together a magical fairy costume. Pair some cute bell bottoms with a coordinating top, add wings, and you’ll be ready to start the party.

Bonus points for carrying around a bag full of glitter to sprinkle magic wherever you go!


Sexy Cop

In a sexy cop costume the only crime you’ll commit is killin’ the game! Add a utility belt, handcuffs, and a classic cop hat to a sexy one piece jumpsuit and you’ll be ready to do party patrol.

Who Says Costumes Can’t Be Comfortable

halloween outfits diy

Yoga Pants Halloween Costumes | Evolve Fit Wear

Spider Queen

You’re a queen every other day of the year, so it only makes sense that on Halloween you’ll be Queen of Arachnids.

Pair a strappy sports bra top with a simple pair of black yoga capris or 7/8 length, add webs and a few spiders, and you’ll slay in this sexy costume.


hippy halloween costume

Throw it back with a classic hippy costume. For this easy costume pair some printed bell bottoms with a matching crop top, add a flower crown and round sunglasses, and you’ll be ready to spread peace & love all night long.


halloween cat

For a feisty black cat costume, pair a sleek one piece jumpsuit or a pair of Leopard Leggings with ears, a tail, and whisker make-up for an easy, sexy costume. To add a little dapper style wear a chic bowtie choker. ME-OW!


pirate halloween diy

When Halloween comes around pirates always have more fun! Pair a laser cut crop top with sexy red leggings, add a fabric belt, eye patch, and pirate hat, for booty-licious style!

With knee high boots, and a sweet pirate sword, you’ll be ready to seize the night in this chic costume!

Whether you’re planning on partying the night away, or chillin’ at home handing out candy, you’ll stay stylishly comfortable all night long in any of these chic  halloween costumes.

The best part? You can keep using the leggings for yoga tops all year long, unlike those cheesy costumes you only wear once!

This year, wear a costume that delivers both style and comfort and tell everyone to “BOW DOWN WITCHES!”

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What are you going to be this year? Tell us below in the comments! 


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