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Barre classes are a great way to sculpt out a long, lean physique all while building up endurance, strength, balance and flexibility. The intricate movements found in these ballet-inspired classes not only challenge your body but they keep your mind sharp too! Our collection of high performance barre outfits are perfect for keeping you fresh and chic while you get your barre workout on.

Now go ahead and dive on into our three of the most popular barre clothing categories!

Barre Workout Clothes

The classic “barre outfit” is a great pair of leggings with a crop top and layering pullover. But of course wear what you feel comfortable in and have a wide range of movement. The Barre classes are not high intensity where you will be jumping or spinning (where you need them to dry quickly). More it is small movements - either at the barre or on the ground. But what you will want is to be comfortable and be able to see the muscle groups you are working - since they will be small subtle movements you want them to be done correctly. 

Barre Shirts & Tops

Two great options for the upper part of your body would be either a tight fitting tank or a sports bra/ flowy tank combo. A classic barre shirt or tank top will be made of a thin, moisture wicking material with a shelf bra. This option would mean you dont need a ton of support (remember you aren’t jumping in the class). The Beyond Yoga Slim Racerback Crop is a great example of this. However, if you need a full supportive sports bra - you can layer on a flowy piece over that - for example something from Joah Brown or Free People. Just a tank top or pullover that you can take on/off during your class. 

Barre Leggings

Barre leggings are really just any type of legging that you feel comfortable in. Most of the time they offer a wide range of movement (you’ll want a legging with a gusset) so you can have a free range of movement during your different positions. The length is up to you - you can do a capri or ⅞ ankle legging - that hits mid height. Or a full length legging that is a standard 28” inseam works well too. Many Barre students like to just wear a sports bra or crop bra top so if you select bottoms with a high rise - you will feel supported without showing too much midriff. Some of our most popular Barre Leggings are from Beyond Yoga, Free People, Agent84 or Nux

Our Featured Brands

The classic “Barre outfit” has a touch of femininity, a supportive bra top and layers to take on/ off throughout your warm ups and cool downs. We love supportive high rise leggings from Beyond Yoga for example, that are supportive high rise and versatile to pair well with multiple tops or layers. Then pair a supportive sports bra from Handful. Then layer on a flowy tank or pullover from Free People to complete the “Barre workout” look. 

Finding Your Perfect Fit & Size

We’ve carefully curated a wide collection of brands whose pieces we know you’ll love as much as we do. Because of the variety we offer, sizing will differ across brands. To make sure you get the right fit on your barre outfit, we recommend using the sizing guide located on each product page. After that, if you have any questions please feel free to reach out to us for advice. We love the brands we carry and have worn them all. We are happy to share our thoughts on the fit of any given product.


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