Barre & Yoga Socks


What to Look for in Yoga Sticky Socks & Ballet Barre Workout Socks: Sticky socks like Toesox and Pointe Studio are fast becoming the perfect workout companion for their arch support, non-slip grip and comfortable ankle padding. With all the fun and flirty patterns, you are sure to create a stir at any studio class. These cushy yoga sticky socks are also worn for yoga, biking, Pilates and trail runs and may even inspire you to fit in an extra workout at home. With the silicone, non-slip grips on the bottom you can achieve a meaningful and effective workout even on your hardwood or linoleum floors. 

Brands to Look Out For: Pointe Studio is our go-to for ballet barre workout socks, which are required at any barre studio. ToeSox is more geared toward yoga practice and work to separate the toes to allow for better balance and grounding in yoga poses.  





Pointe Studio Barre Socks:  "i love them don't know why I haven't seen them before my feet get cold and normal socks slip on the mat not anymore" (via

Toesox Half-Toe Bella Grip Socks: "Very happy with my purchase." (via

Toesox Bella Socks: "This help a lot when you sweat, Help with the balance because you do not slip as much but the only downside is that it stretched a little and you feet start moving inside, it is not dangerous, it is just a little moves, just wash it and it will shrink back but then in a couple sessions it will stretch again.
I have shoe size 8, I bought Toesox Grip Half Toe Small Size" (via

"I have practiced yoga for over 14 years and recently became certified as a yoga teacher. Personally, I believe that for optimal safety and stability, yoga should always be performed with an appropriate yoga sticky mat. However, there are times when yoga socks may be advantageous (see below).

"I have tried several different styles of yoga socks over the years and have always found them to be just okay. Although the non-slip quality generally works fairly well, pulling them on over each individual toe can be a pain--plus, you lose the benefit of having your toes touch the floor. The previous yoga socks I owned from this brand (e.g., Gaiam Yoga Socks) were like this--but these Mary-Jane Grippy Socks are SO much better! The main advantage is that your toes are FREE, allowing your toes to access the floor directly. I think that this actually provides more stability and reduces slippage; it also makes it MUCH easier to get the socks on and off. Where I think these socks will come in most useful is when I am teaching yoga. I move around the room rather than teach from my mat, so these socks will allow me the flexibility of pausing in the middle of the room to demonstrate a pose (without a mat) if needed." (via