Super Short Yoga Shorts

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You’ve been doing your squats at the gym and its ready to show off your hard work. We love super short yoga shorts as a staple piece for hot yoga, lifting, hiking and more.  Many of the short yoga shorts we carry have around a 3” inseam - so it should be just enough coverage for bending over without showing any of the goods. Just like with the leggings we carry, all of the fabrics are “squat proof”  so dont worry about any of the fabric benign see-thru during your workouts.  

What are the top brands of super short yoga shorts?

We carry many different brands of super short yoga shorts from Beyond Yoga, Agent84, Teeki, Yoga Democracy and more! Many of our brands we sell are made  in the USA from premium materials and the best quality. If that brand is made in the usa, it will be noted on the product page, and a little flag icon on the top right corner of the product photo. All super short yoga shorts fit a bit differently so click on the “size chart” hyperlink that is next to the size selection buttons. You’ll most likely want your hot shorts to fit on the snug side, since you dont want them slipping up or down during your workout. 

How do I care for short yoga shorts?

As with all activewear you want to preserve the stretch and elasticity of your favorite hot shorts. Since there is stretch within the fabric, you will want to preserve the stretch for as long as possible so it keeps that “stretchy” component. Heat breaks down the “stretchy” fibers so during the washing process you don't want any added heat in the process. You can machine wash on cool water and either hang dry or lay flat. Most activewear is made from a quick-drying material so you won't be waiting long for it to dry. Keeping heat away from your favorite bra will let it last many washes & wears for years to come. 

We got you covered! If you have any questions on our hot shorts, call or shoot us an email to: