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Niyama Sol - About J-Lo's Favorite Brand of Leggings

Nowadays most of us are doing a lot more than working out in our activewear. And yoga leggings specifically have come so far!

niyama sol leggings

With all the hats we strive to wear in modern daily life, it has become vital that brands create high quality pieces that effortlessly carry us from moment to moment of our busy lives all while being a visual representation of our very own uniqueness. Phew!

That’s no small feat. However, luxury yoga lifestyle brand, Niyama Sol, has done just that with their uber popular collection of bohemian inspired activewear.


Who started Niyama Sol?

Founders Allison Hart and Cristina Osorio created Niyama Sol because they believed something was missing in the world of activewear. And from the overwhelmingly positive Niyama Sol reviews, not to mention JLO’s stamp of approval all over their Instagram page, it appears they were right!

The two yogis and fitness enthusiasts dreamed of a legging that allowed them to express their individuality – a lot of the work we do in yoga is centered around letting go of everything that is not us so that we may experience every offering of this beautiful life as our most authentic self.

After countless hours of putting in the work, it feels good to be able to celebrate your own uniqueness, flaws and all. Perhaps that’s why so many people have fallen in love with printed leggings from Niyama Sol

What are Niyama Sol Leggings made from?

With bold prints that take you so seamlessly from studio to street, it’s a good thing Niyama leggings are just as comfortable as they are fashionable.

Taking part of a huge trend right now are leggings made from recycled water bottles.  Sounds like an interesting re-use of materials, right? The fabric is turned into pellets which is spun into fabric and the end result is breathable, lightweight and quick drying material that you can feel good about. 

Checkout our blog post about some other brands we carry with the same process.

What do Niyama Sol Leggings feel like?

They’ve really nailed the second-skin thing and 4-way stretch fabric means you’re free to move your body in whatever way you’d like, because feeling restricted and uncomfortable in your clothing is on nobody’s to-do list!

And thanks to the antibacterial and moisture-wicking properties of their fabric, transitioning from downward dog to date night is no sweat, like literally you won’t be sweaty.


Niyama sol fabric

If I sound like a fan it’s probably because I am! I love the brand’s commitment to offering sustainable clothing and their impressive assortment of prints.

With so many activewear companies to choose from it’s refreshing to find a brand that keeps things fun and isn’t afraid of standing out.

But don’t take my and my good friend JLO’s word for it, check out their brand for yourself and see just how expressive you can get.

Looking for other brands similar to Niyama Sol that are leggings Made in USA with the same fit & fabric? 

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Teeki was one of the first brands on the scene in 2010 that offered leggings made from recycled water bottles. They went away for a few years but they are back again with the same whimsical prints that made them famous. 

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Colorado Threads makes beautiful printed leggings that are also made in the USA from recycled water bottles. They have cute matching bras & tops to complete a set. 

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Yoga Democracy makes everything by hand out of Arizona with multiple bra or crop tanks to match. Plus they make some super fun flares & bell bottoms and to boot!  

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