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How to Pick Out Your Perfect Yoga Mat

There’s no accessory more popular to yoga than the yoga mat, so it’s super important to find one that fits you perfectly. Here are some important questions you should ask yourself before you hit the “checkout” button on your yoga mats.

What do you need in your mat?

While all yoga mats might seem alike, each one really has their own distinct look and feel. It’s important to take into consideration the kind of yoga workouts we’ll be doing so we can find the best mat to support us.


Q: What thickness should you look for?

Most all “standard mats” come in a 4mm thickness. If you need an extra heavy duty mat that is a bit thicker you would be getting a 6mm thickness.

If you are looking to have a lightweight mat without needing that much support you would be getting a travel mat that is 2mm.

Here is a photo display of the difference in thickness from these B-Yoga Mats in our stockroom.

Yoga Mat thickness – what is the difference?

Q: Are you using your mat for Hot Yoga?

If you’re into high-intensity, sweat, and sheer determination, you’ll want a mat that offers more grip to help you move through each pose.

Our favorite type of mat for a super-sticky grip that doesn’t fade over time is a B-Yoga Everyday Mat

This same mat for hot yoga that is extra-thick would be this mat B-Yoga Strong Mat

You dont want to slide during your practice- if you are doing hot yoga get a sticky mat!

Q: Are you extra tall and need extra length?

Most all “standard mats” are 68″ long. This is ideal for anyone 5′ 9″ or so. If you are taller than that (or just need more room for your limbs to grow) then you’ll want an x-long yoga mat.

Here is one from Manduka ProLite Mat that is 71″ long. Its only an extra 3″ longer but you’d be surprised how much a few extra inches can make!

Q: Are you on the go & traveling?

If you want to take your mat on some adventures (or really just around town without feeling like you are lugging a full grown child around) then look for something like a light-weight travel mat.

Here is one of our favorites from B-Yoga called the Traveler Mat

Note: if you have sensitive bones and need extra padding this is not your mat. Its a travel mat because it is lighter in weight but as a result is thinner. It is 2mm in thickness versus the “average” 4mm

b-yoga mats

If your practice is more about channeling inner clarity and calm, look at mats with more padding and crush so your bones and joints are comfortable throughout the session.

Yoga mats are really an extension of ourselves – they see the best sides of us and witness our struggles, too.

It may seem silly, but we often do develop an attachment to the equipment we work out with day in and day out, and our mats are no different!

You’ll know when you find the right one for you.

What type of style are you?

Printed or solid? Question you should ask yourself!


Printed yoga mat or solid yoga mat?

That is the question we start off asking our customers when they call in.

Are you a person that has had a few basic colored mats and wants something unique, fun and energizing?

Or are you the type that wants a no-fuss “matches with everything” type of a yogi?

What we have seen a lot is people getting a really solid great basic yoga mat and topping it off with a printed yoga towel that can interchange regularly (plus they aren’t as much $ as a good mat)!

 printed yoga mat

Want a pattern but not so permanent? Try a yoga towel! They are great for hot yoga and preventing any slip & sliding

With so many amazing brands on the market there’s bound to be a mat with a look and feel that is  “you”. You’ll be spending a lot of time focusing on (and sweating into!) your mat so you’ll want a pattern or color that just makes you feel good.

We love how energizing these mats are from Vagabond Goods

Often times, we’re on-the-go so much that our yoga mats join us for errands, car rides, or post-practice smoothies.

There are a ton of mats that make it easy (and stylish!) to sling over your shoulder to take on the run. Our favorite travel mat is lightweight and easy to tote around!

If you’re like us, you’ll want to mix it up a bit! Once you narrow down the type of mat that suits your needs, buy two! Choose different colors or patterns you love so you can mix and match with your favorite tank top, bra and leggings. This simple switch can keep daily practice feeling more fun and less monotonous!

Yoga Mats for the Planet

Yoga is all about restoring balance and harmony to our lives – and it surely doesn’t end with our practice. Just like our other yoga gear, we like to shop for yoga mats that are produced by companies with the overall greater good in mind.

It’s not hard to find companies manufacturing natural, eco-friendly mats at an affordable price. These mats are often made from sustainable rubber, cork, and other recycled and biodegradable materials. They’re designed to be just as durable, flexible, and compatible to your workouts as any traditional mats. You’ll get major karma points for keeping Mother Earth in mind when shopping for your perfect fit! 

Do you have a favorite type of yoga mat you use? Tell us below what your favorite is - we love to hear from you!



Rachael (Evolve Staff)

Write a comment below and let us know what your favorite mat is and why…

Annie Mick showing yoga mat
Annie Mick wearing Beyond Yoga and showing what Yoga Mat dreams are made of

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    i have a travel mat, and a big camping mat that’s a little thicker than the thickest yoga mat

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