Yoga Towels



What to Look for in Skidless Yoga Towels: Hot Yoga Mat Towels are the perfect accessory for yogis who love hot yoga or tend to slide from sweat, but another way that yogis are loving their yoga towels is to bring to studios to cover rental mats. Skidless Yoga Towels are easily washed and can fit in most gym bags no problem. Hot yoga mat towels are awesome beach towels allowing you to sun bathe and practice yoga while hanging out in nature.

Brands to Look Out For: Our most popular Yoga Towel brand has been the long standing YogiToes Skidless Yoga Mat Towel which feature unique silicone nubs on the bottom of the mat. Once slightly wet this mat towel stays put throughout your whole practice. Brands like Nomadix have created an awesome line of printed towels inspired by world travels and bohemian style. 

Trending Now: The bohemian prints and culture inspired designs have made a huge showing this season as we see cool Mexican and SW inspired printed yoga towels to match your leggings. We also have seen cool tie dye washes, and even PDX Carpet from Nomadix which got us Portlanders super excited to lay them down on their yoga mats




Nomadix Mat Towel: "wasn't as thick as i anticipated, but rolls up nice and small and is good for traveling." (via

Yoga Design Lab Mat Towel: "Love the Design Lab Chevron yoga mat! It is absorbant and able to wash it!" (via

YogiToes Skidless Mat Towel: "This towel is wonderful when you're sweaty; it holds you right in place. I start my practice by spraying it with water, which gets me through until my body gets heated up. I recently took it on a road trip through Mexico with no other mat, and it was great on any surface, including concrete and sand! Easy to wash and dry, easy to carry, easy on the eyes!" (via

Gaiam Thirsty Yoga Towel: "I really love this towel! I use it 4-5 days a week for hot yoga and it's held up well for *years*. It stays odor-free. It's large enough to cover the entire face in one wipe, and it's soft and cuddly and a pleasure to use. The color hasn't faded even with frequent washings; there are absolutely no pulls or fraying in the towel at all. It's so strong that sometimes I even use it in place of a yoga strap. Can't go wrong with this one. Some reviewers have noted that it has an unpleasant texture like the microfiber cleaning towels, but I strongly disagree. I dust with microfiber towels and hate the way they stick to my skin. These Gaiam towels are smooth on my skin, with no sticky velcro-type feeling. They have a nice "hand." (via

Namastay Towel: "I just used the Namastay Towel today for the first time. I have been doing Hot yoga for about 3months now and have bought 2 different towels. I must say I am extremely impressed. I found that it was even easier to do some positions because i was not afraid to slip and i didn't have to hold back. The towel stayed in place and did not move. I was skeptical to buy at first because there were no reviews but i am so happy with the results. Maybe i'll purchase more in the future to do less washing. I definitely suggest this product." (via