Men's Yoga Clothes: Brands You Should Know About

Men's Yoga Clothes: Brands You Should Know About

We are always writing about the trends of womens clothing because lets face it (its a little more exciting) however we have men shop on Evolve for their staple pieces from the favorite brands of mens clothing.


Men experience the same life changing benefits that a consistent yoga practice provides, however; it seems that the activewear industry has left men in a lurch with “show-WAY-too-much” basket’ball’ shorts and not everyone is into wearing brief-like hot yoga shorts.

We hear you, boys, and we have got you covered… literally! We pulled together the coolest mens yoga clothes brands around, and curated them right here at Evolve. We wanted to introduce you to some of our men’s lines and give you a little run down on why we chose each activewear brand to put on our site.


Rhone Mens Short
Rhone Mens Short | Evolve Fit Wear

Rhone: Rhone is simple and straight to the point. All men love the brand because they have limited options and get right to it. You have lined and unlined shorts. Both are super comfortable and perfect for any workout (yoga, running, lifting, hiking etc). Elastic is light and doesn't dig in. 

Why We Chose It: Men call in and order 3 at a time of these shorts. They are super, comfortable and look great on. Whats not to like? You'll keep wearing them over and over. 



Vuori Shorts
Vuori Athletic Short | Evolve Fit Wear

Vuori: This brand which means, “mountain” in Finnish, was founded by pro-skateboarders Chris Miller and Joe Kudla. They started Vuori because they couldn’t find activewear that they actually wanted to wear. Vuori is high-performance activewear that draws it’s aesthetic from the laid-back art and surf scene in Encinitas, California.

Why We Chose It: We love the long board shorts that are super soft and move with you, unlike most board shorts that are stiff and restrict your movement. We also love the cool men’s Elite Compression Legging which comes in a dark grey compression fabric. >> shop Vuori Mens

Vuori Yoga Clothes for Men

Crow Collective

Crow Collective Journey Pant | Evolve Fit Wear

Crow Collective: This fearless brand creates for the urban nomad and is inspired by movement and transformation. Crow Collective is known for their timeless aesthetic, high quality fabrics and ultra comfortable pieces. Their made in USA apparel is great for low-impact activities and meditative practices.

Why We Chose It: We chose to feature Crow Collective’s pieces because of their insanely high quality, comfort level and versatility. It’s no surprise to us that The Journey Pant (shown above) is one of our bestselling joggers. This unisex jogger can be worn for travel, yoga, lounging, and just about anything else. Check out their Journey Short for the same amazing features in a more breathable cut. >> shop Crow Collective Mens

Spiritual Gangster

Spiritual Gangster Tee | Evolve Fit Wear

Spiritual Gangster: Spiritual Gangster is a brand that has become a force in the yoga world. This Movement disguised as a brand, has been inspiring yogis for years. Their style is laid-back but always on-trend. Each of their tops work great for workouts and lounge-wear.

Why We Chose It: Spiritual Gangster makes it incredibly easy to create no-fuss athletic looks that not only feel amazing but look good too. It lets the world know that you’re on a mission to make the world a more fun and enlightened place. >> shop Spiritual Gangster Mens

This isn’t all the men’s lines we carry, so make sure to hop over to our Men’s page and find your activewear. If you have any questions about fit or sizing reach out to our customer service team. We’d love to help suit you up for your practice!

What are your favorite mens brands? Comment below! xxoo
Evolve Staff

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