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Onzie Size Guide - What to know about Onzie Clothing

I’m going to be honest with you, I’m not a yogi.

It’s been years since I’ve stepped my bare feet in a studio. The only real exercise I get is a quick bike ride to the store for those Perfect Bars (refrigerated peanut butter protein bars).

HOWEVER, I am in the daily practice of being comfortable, feeling confident, and staying on trend with the world around me. This is why I more often than not reach for a pair of Onzie leggings or bike shorts. Multiple times a week.

Onzie High Waisted Leggings
Onzie High Waisted Leggings | Evolve Fit Wear

Because of previously mentioned peanut butter bars (sponsor me!)

I am always looking for something high waisted, whether it’s shorts, or jeans, but especially leggings, so that I can avoid the nightmarish muffin top.

This is reason number twenty-seven why I love Onzie – they have an ultra flattering, super stretchy high waist that no matter how many times I fiddle with it (tuck my shirt in or out? Maybe french tuck? Maybe tuck just the back?) it NEVER stretches out. Hallelujah!

Onzie Size Guide

As far as fit goes, I’ve been super #blessed with short(ish) legs and a mile long torso. The Onzie midi legging is perfect for me, I have about a 27″ inseam they hit me exactly where I want them to.

That being said, I do also wear the High Rise Legging and there is no scrunch happening at the bottom! As far as size goes, I’m a true size 6 and the M/L is perfect (with some extra stretch left over for the upcoming fall/winter months).

Onzie Animal Print
Onzie Animal Print | Evolve Fit Wear

Onzie has perfected their style and their fit, but they keep things exciting and keep bringing me back for more with their gorgeous prints!

It started with a pair of long black leggings, classic, I need. THEN they came out with the leopard high waisted leggings, which for me is also a no brainer. Im a sucker for any animal print leggings and have about 20 different types of leopard leggings in my closet - all the different shades and hues leopard can come in.

BUT THEN they came out with their bike shorts, (which also have my secret weapon – the high waist) and it was over for me. The key is finding the style that you love and then just buying every single print in that style because they are across the board perfection.

Since I’m not a yoga/hot yoga person, I only admire the leopard bra/leopard bike short combo from afar, but when I’m packaging up orders and I see that people are buying the Onzie Chic Bra with the matching shorts I am sending you an instant air five because that is a GOOD LOOK!

But Onzie fabric is like a swimsuit that dries quickly so when customers call in and ask what to wear to hot yoga I always suggest Onzie.

Onzie Leopard Print
Onzie Hot Yoga Clothing | Evolve Fit Wear

Where I wear my Onzie

Another really fun thing about Onzie fabric is that it has a swimsuit like feel to it.

I like this because it gives it a snug fit and doesn’t look or feel super matte or cheap. It also is a great benefit because you can actually wear it to the beach!

The Side Tie Short makes for an amazing bikini bottom, or some coverage for stand up paddle boarding or river/beach activities.

Onzie Side Tie Short
Onzie Side Tie Short | Evolve Fit Wear

My sweet aunt recently had surgery to remove some skin cancer on her leg. She was self-conscious about keeping it covered & out of the sun. Umm who wants to wear pants to the beach – duh! 

I got her a pair of Onzie capris in a cute floral print (bonus points because they are UV protectant). Either 7/8 leggings or workout capris are always the answer for me in the summer time as well - because they have all the benefits to leggings but a wee shorter.

I could safely promise her that she could wear them in the water, on the sand, and even to cocktails afterwords. Niece of the Year all thanks to Onzie.

Fun prints all over are also helpful to keep your underwear from making an appearance, but that’s not even an issue with Onzie. The swimsuit like fabric is thick enough to keep it’s gorgeous print. The prints aren’t pixelated or see thru even when stretched to the max.

Onzie Las Lunas Leggings & Matching bra

How I start picking the styles

Onzie Comfy Clothing

Onzie also makes some really great comfy clothing for everyday wear, such as tank tops and womens joggers.

The tanks all have super cute silhouettes that show off your bra or your midriff and match up great with all of their leggings and cute shorts. Once again they have hit a home run with the fabric choice on these tops, people are obsessed! We sell handfuls of Onzie tanks every day!

We have so much amazing Onzie in stock and get new pieces ALL THE TIME! They are easily one of the best selling brands we carry at Evolve, (not to mention most all of their styles are made in USA which is a double bonus!)  Once I get back in the yoga game I’ll have the perfect yoga wardrobe, but for now I have the perfect Wednesday wardrobe thanks to Onzie.

Have you worn Onzie? Comment below, we'd love to hear from you on your thoughts!

xo Mercedes (customer service gal @ Evolve)




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