Hot Yoga 101: The Best Hot Yoga Clothing and Tips For Not Dying

Hot yoga isn’t exactly a new experience, but it might be new for you. The first time you walk into that room and feel your body immediately begin to perspire, you might think, “What am I getting myself into?” Don’t worry! We’ve all been there. During the first 15 or so minutes of a hot yoga class, I’m constantly assessing whether I’m going to survive or not.

So to save you from sweating your ass off more than you already will, and having to endure slow-drying clothing afterwards, let’s take a look at what you should bring and wear in a hot yoga class. I’ll touch on some of my favorite brands for a hot yoga class, as well as a couple of tips to make survival a little easier.

What to wear to hot yoga?

hot yoga class

Clothing, ideally. Although naked hot yoga might be interesting. And slippery. The type of clothing you wear is essential for feeling successful. Think: what are your garments made of?

You want lightweight, moisture-wicking, fast-drying clothing as much as possible. Thinner, silky-feeling leggings are usually a clue to how quickly they will dry.

You want lightweight, moisture-wicking, fast-drying clothing as much as possible. Thinner, silky-feeling leggings are usually a clue to how quickly they will dry.

Teeki has historically always been a favorite for hot yoga clothing because they dry fast. However, there are a lot of other great brands to branch out to.  Their basic "hot pant" (which is actually a legging) are perfect for staying cool and comfortable during class- plus they dry super fast!  They’re thin, yet still hug the body in all the right places. They don’t slide and slip around they dry quickly after you’re done. Here are 4 other brands that are similar too!

Niyama Sol Hot Yoga Clothing

Another great hot yoga brand is Onzie - the brand was actually founded by a 20-year veteran of Bikram Yoga.  They definitely provide much more structure than Teeki does. They are thicker and your body shapes to them more than they shape to your body, but in the best way. They still have that slick feeling to them without being too-slippery. And they are so flattering. I love me some Onzie!

Onzie Hot Yoga Clothing
Onzie | Evolve Fit Wear

Beyond Yoga spacedye leggings (below) are what the owner of Evolve Fit Wear, Kyla -  always swears by when she goes to hot yoga. They have more of a traction/ texture to the leggings and aren't as slippery as other lycra materials. They are very lightweight fabric and super soft - plus they dry very quickly too! 

k-deer leggings

Another customer favorite many people love wearing to hot yoga is K-Deer.

Their leggings are also lightweight, dry quickly and stretchy so great range of movement.

You will also love to wear them as their signature stripes are happy and fun and a show stopper wherever you go.

They are also made in the usa and flatclock seams for a super flattering look (even though they are stripes) they are great for a sweaty workout. 

If you are going to practice you will want to throw on something loose over your sweaty clothes or to change into after practice. We recommend a comfy spiritual gangster sweatshirt to throw over your sweaty clothes so you dont get shocked from the temps outside. 

K-deer leggings

Tip 2: Have a Non-Slip Mat or Towel

When you get into your practice you are going to sweat- A LOT. Thats what you’re there for, right? Its going to be super hard if you are on a slippery standard mat.

Slipping makes it harder than it already will be. So there are two things you can do:

yoga design lab mat

1) Get a non slip mat. The owner of Evolve who’s been doing hot yoga for over 10 years, swears by is the “Everyday Mat” from B-Yoga. If you need extra padding, they have the “Strong Mat” which is a little thicker.

B Yoga Mat

2) If you dont want to invest in a new yoga mat quite yet, try an absorbent yoga towel.

Just unroll that over your current mat and sweat away. Note: you will have to sprinkle a little water on it before practice to get it going.

The more moisture you have on the towel, the less slipping you will have. Plus, you can use it as a towel for all other occasions too!


yoga towel

Tip 3: Stay Hydrated

hot yoga hydration

The best thing you can do for yourself when incorporating hot yoga into your practice is staying hydrated. You sweat a lot in these classes.

Drinking a lot of water during the week leading up to the class is a great tool, and especially the day before. I used to try and chug water right before the class to alleviate light-headedness that can sometimes accompany rigorous workout in a 98 degree room, but realized I needed to take care of my body more consistently and from the inside out.

Tip 4: Take Breaks

If you are new to a yoga class, dont feel pressured to do what others are doing around you.

Remember, everyone there had their first class at one point. Yoga is already a tough workout, then adding in an extra layer of heat is very intense!

Listen to your body, take breaks when you need. Dont push yourself too hard where you run out of the class and never want to go back in.

When you are feeling a little over-pushed, go into childs pose for a few minutes and collect your breath – no one will notice (or care) so do what your body is telling you is what you need!

childs pose

You Can Do It!

Wearing the proper clothing is important. No one wants to feel like they are being suffocated by their clothing, and no one wants to hit up happy hour with friends afterwards in soaked clothes that refuse to dry. Shop some good clothes for Hot Yoga

Use props as needed and follow your breath. And don’t forget to keep your body hydrated and nourished!

Yoga is more than just asana, the physical practice of yoga and movement. It is about taking care of ourselves, body and mind.

Have you tried hot yoga? What gets you thru the class without dying? 
Comment below we'd love to hear your take! 
Rachael (Evolve Staff)


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