High Waisted Leggings

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High waisted leggings will be your new obsession. At some point this past decade, high waist became the new trend that doesn’t look like its leaving anytime soon. Accentuating curves and a feminine shape.  Plus, they prevent any of the muffin tops that no one wants. Not only do the supportive high-rise waistbands hit at a more comfortable and natural waistline, but they also flatter our figure so much better than those uncomfortable low-rise waistbands (in our opinion).  

Our Most Popular High Waisted Leggings

With a comfortable and flattering fit, they look great with practically anything. Either printed leggings or basic black leggings are offered in a high rise. There are even super popular leggings with pockets that come in a high rise as well from a variety of brands. 

High Waisted Workout Leggings

High waisted workout leggings are the go-to style for most all leggings these days. They are so much more flattering than a lower rise (that sits at the hip bone). High rise leggings smooth out the waistline for a flattering shape. Plus no worries about them riding down or having that dreaded muffin top we all dread. We sell a variety of brands of high waisted leggings made from different materials and for different purposes. First, start your search by thinking if you want a printed legging or a solid. Then think about the material - do you want shiny, or organic materials. So many options - and there are different leggings for different purposes (thats why our closet is full of them)!   

High Waisted Black Leggings

Nothing beats a great pair of solid black high waist leggings for your wardrobe. When jeans aren’t going to happen, its the black solid leggings that are second in line for everyday wear. So easy to throw on a t-shirt, jean jacket and sneakers for your errands. Beyond Yoga makes one of our best selling high waist black leggings called the High Waist Midi legging. Its a classic that never goes out of style. Another favorite is the High Rise Lustrous Legging (offered in at least 6 different colors) from Koral - it has the perfect amount of sheen to it that adds a dash of glamor to your outfit. 

Super High Waisted Leggings

Ultra high rise leggings are a newer tread than just high rise. They typically cover the belly button and hit almost to the rib cage. Some people love them by feeling super supportive, or they feel like they are too constricting. Its a personal preference you have to try yourself. One of the top brands of ultra-high rise is Ultracor or Agent84- they are very high compression. Emily Hsu is another brand that has higher than most waistlines. 

Our Featured Brands

Some of our favorite brands with the best leggings that hit the mid-torso is Beyond Yoga, Emily Hsu, Koral and Noli. All of these brands are made in the USA and many are female founded. Its more common that all brands offer all of their leggings in a high rise (and a few one-offs will be a lower rise). Some of the styles can be worn rolled down so you can adjust the waistband height to your preference. The waistband has to be out of a thin material and lay flat - such as Beyond Yoga or Niyama Sol - many of the product photos are shown both with the waistband up or down. Super high-rise and compression leggings are for example - Agent84, Emily Hsu or Ultracor. They will suck everything in with a comfortable secure feeling on your waistline. Nux uses seamless fabric that has medium compression and is excellent for gym or working out (think squats or high movement activities). If you like shiny leggings, Koral or Heroine Sport are brands you should take a peek at! They make metallics and shiny staple colors (black, navy, brown, greys) that are solid neutrals but have a bit more sheen to them. What are your favorite brands of high waist leggings? Let us know what are some of your favorites!