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Teeki Hot Pants & Leggings: An Insider's Sizing Guide

Allow me to introduce myself! My name is Laura and if you’ve ever called or emailed Evolve Customer Support you most likely have spoken with me. I’ve answered your questions from, “will these leggings show my underwear” or “what do you recommend for yoga leggings for men?” One might say, I’m a seasoned pro in helping all of our amazing customers find exactly what they are looking for when it comes to yoga clothing and activewear.

One of the questions I get most frequently is regarding one of our most popular brands Teeki. Teeki, as you probably already know, makes amazing hot pants, capris, shorts, and bell-bottoms with cool prints made from recycled water bottles. The best part is they are made in the USA  But with all brands, it can be a tricky thing to find your size, especially when you’re purchasing from a website, sight unseen.

Since I do this every day, I thought I’d help you by putting together this guide based on feedback from customers and personal use. I own seven pairs of Teeki’s amazing hot yoga pants and I can’t get enough of them. I’m guessing either will you.

teeki leggings

Teeki Leggings & Hot Pants Material

Teeki’s line of leggings and hot pants are made of 79% P.E.T., Polyethylene Terephthalate, and 21% Spandex. The P.E.T. material is made from recycled plastic bottles! So not only are their leggings breathable and comfy, they are also eco-friendly!

hundreds of plastic bottles waiting to be recycled

How Do Teeki Leggings Fit?

Teeki has 4 different sizes. The leeway between sizes is one of the coolest things about Teeki Leggings. This summer I’ve been hanging out with my sister down by the river. I’m around 5’2” and I tend to buy Teeki pants in an extra small or small but my sister who is quite taller than me (5’8”) usually would wear a size Medium. 

She wanted to borrow some of my Teeki pants to go Stand Up Paddle Boarding. Feeling a bit apprehensive and overprotective of my precious Teeki hot pants, I reluctantly handed over my extra small Teeki leggings. I was pretty amazed when she put them on with no trouble, and even more amazed when she handed them back at the end of the day and they had snapped right back to an extra small. Behold the Teeki magic! I would not have suggested she purchase an extra small, but the quality and stretch of this super cool fabric blew my mind.

Teeki Size Chart

Another question that we get a lot is what size of Teeki leggings will fit me? People also want to know how Teeki sizing compares to other yoga brands. Usually, we get our sizing information from the manufacturers. Sometimes those manufacturers are so busy making super rad yoga pants that the sizing charts we get make for more questions than answers! So, I love you all so much that I made my own Teeki sizing chart just for you!

We suggest that customers follow this for standard dress size measurements:

teeki sizing chart

XS: 0-2 //  SM: 2-4 // MED: 6-8 // LG: 8-10

The waist measurements are taken with pants lying flat from hip to hip. Inseam is from gusset to bottom, and top to bottom is the measurement from the top of the waistband to the ankle of the pant.

You might ask what STRETCHHHH WAIST might mean? I stretched those babies as far as I could in the waist to see the range of sizes they could fit! .. See?! Stretchy possibilities!!

Are Teeki Leggings Sheer or See-Thru?

A lot of customers worry about sheerness, and that is understandable, we don’t want to be showing off our goods for everyone to see. In recent news, we know of one famous yoga wear company that came under fire for super expensive, unintentional, peek-a-booty leggings. Yeah, we all know who I’m talking about, #leggingsgate.

Because of this concern, I wanted to test the sheerness of Teeki leggings. I grabbed one of our printed yoga mats that were close to flesh color but had black stripes on it, and a pair of Teeki Deer Medicine Hot pants in a size small. Here is a picture of the leggings and mat I choose to do the test on.

teeki leggings and yoga mat

I have a lot of customers worry about sheerness, and that is understandable. In recent news, we know of one famous yoga wear company who came under fire for super expensive unintentionally peek-a-booty leggings. (..yeah we all know who I’m talking about..) I wanted to test the sheerness of these pants. I grabbed one of our printed yoga mats that was close to flesh color, but had black stripes on it, and a pair of Teeki Deer Medicine Hot pants in a size small.

The Teeki Sheer Madness Sheerness Test:

teeki leggings sheer test

In the photo above, you can see I stretched the leggings as far apart as I could pull them across the mat. As you can see, the lines are barely visible. Of course, we always recommend coordinating your underwear to your yoga pants just to be safe regardless of the leggings or brand you decide to wear. It’s better to be safe than sorry.

Of course, any stretchy fabric will start to show sheerness, which is why Teeki specifically has 4 different sizes to choose from! 

I really hope that this guide has helped you, and remember if you have any questions just send them my way at support@evolvefitwear.com or hop on chat and one of our awesome customer service people will help you to pick the perfect pair of Teeki pants! >>> shop Teeki

Yours Truly,

-Your Customer Service Guru

Other Brands Similar To Teeki:

1) Wolven

Wolven Clothing

Wolven has been around for almost a decade but they are taking the activewear market by storm now. With their super cute prints and mix-n-match sets you will recognize a Wolven set when you see one! Also made in the USA by hand from recycled H2O bottles, they dry fast and are a customer favorite for a good reason. Their flat waistband doesn’t dig in and they are extremely supportive & flattering. The tops always match a pair of legging but the cooler thing is all of them have a solid color on the inside and are both reversible AND interchangeable so you can wear in the front/ back (so really you have like 4 tops in 1). Runs true to size >> shop Wolven

2) Niyama Sol

Niyama Sol Legging

You’ve probably heard of JLO’s favorite activewear brand she helped design by now by now, but just in case you’ve been on a social media hiatus, Niyama Sol has taken the world of activewear by storm with their gorgeously printed leggings and second skin feel. They utilize recycled plastic in their manufacturing (just like Teeki!) and are all about promoting radical self expression. Their form fitting leggings allow sweat to evaporate in minutes so you’ll stay dry and cozy even after a sweaty workout. Their adjustable waistband and 4 way stretch material is identical to Teeki and their leggings boasts the same great fit and durability. >> shop Niyama Sol


J-Lo in Niyama Sol


3) Wanderlust & Wildhearts

wanderlust and wildhearts


Located next to us in the Pacific Northwest, Wanderlust & Wildhearts is perhaps the closest thing we’ve seen to the feel and design of the Teeki yoga pants. Their leggings boast 4 way stretch with amazing shape retention, seamless construction and are completely swimmable! All of their material is derived from recycled plastic water bottles and made in USA using sustainable manufacturing process. Note, if you do buy a pair of these beauties, get 1 size smaller than you typically buy as they are running big!
>> shop Wanderlust & Wildhearts

4) Colorado Threads

colorado threads leggings


Based out of the Mile High City, Colorado Threads brings handcrafted, sustainable activewear to the masses with their line of outdoors inspired printed leggings.


Keeping it local and eco-friendly, their clothing is 100% made in USA and their manufacturing utilizes the most sustainable materials possible, including recycled plastic water bottles.


Colorado Threads leggings & sports bras give that same buttery soft, second skin feel that we all love from Teeki and we can’t get enough of their nature-esque prints! Plus if you are into leggings with pockets there are some awesome fitting (and super flattering) ones Colorado Threads makes!

The sizing runs a bit on the small side so size up if you’re in between sizes >> shop Colorado Threads


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