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Hot yoga pants are lightweight, dry quickly and are a necessary component of a Bikram or hot yoga class. They are our most searched item from our Hot yoga clothing collection. We carry many  different brands of womens hot yoga pants such as Teeki, Colorado Threads, Agent84, Beyond Yoga and many others. Hot yoga pants are made to wick away sweat and moisture,  dry quickly and have medium support. They typically are made from a swimsuit-like material such as recycled PET or lightweight supplex.  Many of the hot yoga pants we carry have an elastic-free waistband so they dont dig into your waist or create that dreaded muffin-top. All of the fabrics are “downdog proof” -  so dont worry about any of the fabric being see-thru during your yoga class. We got you covered! If you have any questions on our hot yoga pants, call or shoot us an email, we’d love to hear from you!

What are the top brands of hot yoga pants?

The brands Teeki, Yoga Democracy and Colorado Threads both are similar fitting hot yoga pants for women that are both made from recycled water bottles. Many people will recognize Teeki pants for a hot yoga class as they were one of the first brands for hot yoga. They are made from a thin material with little compression. A similar fit to Teeki but a tad more compression would be Colorado Threads. They are made in the USA (out of Colorado) and have excellent fit and medium compression. Yoga Democracy is a brand made to order out of Arizona and like many of the brands we sell have a matching sports bra or crop top tank so you can make a perfect set. Beyond Yoga was not specifically designed for hot yoga but many of our customers love wearing their lightweight spacedye leggings to class. They dry quickly and are made in the usa as well from a soft brushed-cotton type of fabric that is unique to Beyond Yoga.

All of our brands of hot yoga pants fit a bit differently so click on the size chart link on the product page. You’ll most likely want your hot yoga pants to fit on the snug side, since you don't want them slipping up or down during your workout. 

How do I care for hot yoga pants?

As with all of our activewear you want to preserve the stretch and elasticity of your favorite hot yoga pants so they dont lose their compression. Heat breaks down the lycra or spandex that gives the hot yoga pants their compression. Make sure to machine wash on cool water and either hang dry or lay flat. Most activewear is made from a quick-drying material so you won't be waiting long for it to dry. Keeping heat away from your favorite hot yoga pants will let it last many washes & wears for years to come.