Purusha People: Calling All Mermaids


There is no denying it, we love all the sparkles and Purusha People was one of the original pioneers of the sparkling gold leggings trend. With their signature Goddess Leggings in gold, black, and blue, they took the activewear world by sparkling storm. Their high stretch material allows these to fit like a mermaid’s tail! Handmade in sunny California, these Made in the USA leggings have us catching all the feels! Now, they are back, and stepping up the game one more time with mixing colors and color-block paneling. We wanted to give you a first hand look at this gorgeous Spring 2016 collection.


Diamond Mermaid Top:

This fitted crop-top has gold metalic mermaid scales on the front and silver mermaid scales on the back. It’s the perfect complement to your sparkly leggings or even just jeans on a night out!

Diamond Mermaid Top


The Diamond Mermaid Legging:

Purusha People is all about the detailing, and this legging is no exception as it features a beautiful gold metallic mermaid scale print with silver metallic paneling running up the backs of the legs. This sparkly leggings works perfectly with the Emerald Sea Bra Top seen below!

Diamond Mermaid Legging


Silver Goddess Legging:

We’ve been in love with the Gold Goddess, Dark Goddess, and Sea of Cortez leggings that came from Purusha People last year, and this Spring 2016 collection they are back with the Silver Goddess legging. This leggings features the classic metallic mosaic pattern that you’ve come to know on the aforementioned versions. We love the mid-rise waist on these and all Purusha People leggings as they allow the pant to flatter and fit without digging into the sides or creating muffin tops!

Silver Goddess Legging


We’re always excited to see what designer Hayley will come up with next, and these pieces did not let us down! If you want to learn more about these products and check out the rest of the Purusha People collection with features organic cotton leggings and more, hope on over to the Purusha People page. As always, if you have any questions about sizing, care, or material content, don’t hestitate to chat us up, shoot us an email, or give us a holler! We’d love to help you find your next activewear pieces!