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Shiny leggings  = Happiness. They’re the perfect look for showing off your expertly executed yoga poses and you never have to worry about blending in with the crowd when wearing them. Shiny leggings are fun, sexy and only enhance your natural shine. Show them off in the studio, out on the town or even at home for an instant pick me up!

Our Most Popular Shiny Leggings

Our shiny, sparkly, glossy leggings give off a certain kind of energy that just makes us happy! I mean, who doesn’t love feeling vibrant and shimmery in a pair of fun Mermaid leggings? They are great for working out and dressing up with boots and an oversized sweater. We have many different brands offering the best in shiny sparkly leggings that will take you wherever you need to go. If you are looking for a certain color, use the filter on the left hand side to browse our top colors:


We love the look and feel of shiny black leggings so much, it’s easily one of our favorite collections! Not only do you feel like catwoman during your workout but they are perfect for dressing up with a cute pair of boots and an oversized tee or sweater. Look for a high rise to pair with a workout crop top during your workout. Our all time bestselling black shiny leggings is the Koral Lustrous High Rise Legging. (these are a must-have)!


If you didn't already feel like a superhero, put these on and instantly transform your powers. Metallic leggings are an instant mood-booster and you can never have a bad day when wearing a pair. We love the different colors of metallic leggings from Heroine Sport  as they consistently release new metallic colors like 24k Gold, Silver, Graphite, Rose Gold and more.  Dress 'em up, dress em down. 


White shiny leggings are great because they can be worn with anything. Emily Hsu makes some beautiful white-ish mermaid leggings that have just a subtle hint of color like baby green, lavender or pinkish hues. Wear them with a vintage 70's band tee and converse for a complete vibe. 

Mermaid & Animal Prints

Shiny leggings with leopard print or mermaid scales add a bit more layers to an already striking pair shiny leggings. One of our favorite pair of shiny leopard leggings comes from Koral. You can barely make out the subtle leopard print in the background, which is why we love this pair. If you are looking for leggings with scales (aka "mermaid leggings" then check out Emily Hsu - as she makes various colors of mermaid leggings like Midnight Mermaid, Pink Mermaid etc.. 

Our Featured Shiny Leggings Brands

Koral Activewear makes our all-time best selling high rise leggings. They are offered in more subdued/ staple colors like black, navy, crimson red, camo and leopard lead. Most all are high-rise but the black leggings are offered in a Regular rise as well. Made in the USA

Heroine Sport offers more metallic-based colors like 24k Gold, Oxide, Bronze, Rose Gold, Silver and Graphite. These are also part of our High Waisted Leggings collection and also made in the usa. Dont forget to checkout the new zebra shiny legging from them as well!

Emily Hsu Designs is a long time fan favorite as she offers the signature "mermaid legging" collection that is avail in a variety of colors like midnight mermaid, lavender mermaid, mint mermaid and more. All have matching thin strap bras or crop tops to match. Her sparkly designs will have you feeling and looking like a true show-stopper. These are also made in the usa and high rise as well. 

How to Wash Shiny Leggings?

Its important to preserve the shine of the leggings, so how you care for them is important. To wash, flip them inside out and machine wash in cool water. Make sure to not use any harsh chemical treatments or detergents as this can interact with the shine and leave them looking a bit dull overtime.  Hang dry or lay flat so you dont heat up the fibers as that will reduce the compression in the leggings. Also, keep away from sitting on concrete or rough surfaces.