Blocks, Bolsters & Straps



What to Look for in Restorative Yoga Props (Bolsters, Blocks and Straps): No matter where you are in your yoga practice whether you're just beginning or have been a long-time practitioner, restorative yoga props can help deepen your practice allowing you to challenge yourself, realign your poses, and move farther into your practice safely and steadily on your yoga mat. Yoga Blocks are a great tool for aiding in this process by bringing the floor closer for tighter yogis or make the floor farther away for yogis who are looking to challenge their arm balances or deepen their hip openers. Straps allow for you to work gradually and safely in poses like King Dancer and Eka Pada Kaptoasana to bring your foot closer in. Bolsters are a great aid for a restorative practice and are a must have for any home practice.

Brands to Look Out For: Hugger Mugger makes amazing buck-wheat bolsters that allow for you to remove or add to increase the density and firmness of your bolster. We love the Manduka yoga blocks and straps. Brands like YogiWheel have the Yoga Wheel game on lock, featuring a hand crafted wheel with inspirational quotes and sayings like, "Practice and all is coming" from Sri K Patabhi Jois. 

Trending Now: YogaPaws are wearable mats that allow you to take your practice anywhere, tree pose on a cliff? no problem. Handstand on a tree? No problem! Another super hot product is the YogiWheel which is the hottest yoga prop out there allowing you to increse flexibility in your back and spine. 




YogiWheel: "This yogiwheel has been such a great prop for my yoga practice. I love using it for heart openers. The price point is great, it is well made, and I love the quote inside. Thanks for carrying such a great product!!!" (via

YogaPaws: "Yoga Paws are a much needed addition to my yoga practice. These well fitting gloves and booties add support and cushioning to my hands and feet. They can be used on their own or in addition to a yoga mat. I have found that they keep me from slipping and sliding from sweaty "paws" during more rigorous practices and are beneficial when holding static poses. They work great on hardwood floors and carpeting and are small enough to slip into a carry on for my next business trip. I strongly recommend these for any yoga practitioner of any level. Namaste!" (via

Manduka Foam Yoga Block: "These yoga blocks are great! Love the fact they are made of recycled foams. They are not too hard - they have a little give to them which is great as yoga props. I also own a Manduka yoga mat which I love too!" (via

Manduka Cotton Yoga Strap: "I previously owned several yoga straps, all of which were 6' or less. I have found that having the 8' Manduka provides greater versatility, particularly with performing certain restorative postures such as bound supta baddha konasana. Furthermore, my favorite old strap was one made by Gaiam, and although that strap was thick, the Manduka is even thicker and appears to be of better quality. Similarly, the metal clasp on this strap is generally preferred by yoga teachers, as unlike plastic, it is not prone to breakage (which is why you rarely see straps with plastic clasps in yoga studios). Overall, this strap is an excellent addition to my home prop practice collection." (via