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Mix and match your favorite brands perfect for a sweaty session to create the perfect hot yoga outfits just for you! From bestselling brands that have been a Bikrim favorite like Onzie, Teeki, Niyama Sol and Colorado Threads. They will keep you cool during your practice whether you are wearing short shorts or full length leggings - they dry quickly and wick away moisture.

Our Best Hot Yoga Clothing Collections

Mix and match your favorite brands perfect for a sweaty session to create the perfect hot yoga outfits just for you! From bestselling brands that have been a Bikrim favorite like Onzie, Teeki and Colorado Threads. They will keep you cool during your practice whether you are wearing short shorts or full length leggings - they dry quickly and wick away moisture.

Hot Yoga Pants

Hot yoga pants are at the foundation of a sweaty practice - having lightweight yoga pants that dry quickly and offer a free range of movement. One of the favorite type of fabrics offered by brands specializing in hot yoga pants are using fabric made from recycled water bottles. By the sounds of it you wouldn’t think they were lightweight and breathable but they indeed are! They are great for a hot workout because they are medium to high compression and have excellent memory retention - so they bounce back to their original shape after wearing. All of our hot yoga pants offered have an elastic-free waistband so no need to worry about that dreaded “muffin top”. Plus the 3” waistband visually lifts and shapes that booty.

Hot Yoga Shorts

If you dont mind showing off your beautiful legs, you can get more cool than a short pair of hot yoga shorts. All of our hot yoga shorts are also made from a swimsuit-like material that dries quickly and keeps moisture away from the body. Hot Yoga Shorts are great with water so hot yoga shorts are really a two-for one as a swim suit bottom (can we say good deal)!  The classic hot yoga shorts that were a Bikram favorite was the Onzie Side Tie Short. These are still offered today in multiple colors and prints and are a yogi favorite. With a little bit more coverage is the Colorado Threads Yoga Short that is more of a boy square cut with a 3” inseam. Teeki also makes a square boy short that is a popular short for hot yoga!

Hot Yoga Leggings

Hot yoga leggings will stay put during your practice, dry quickly and will be an important part of a sweaty practice. Most studios heat their hot yoga classes to about 100 degrees! Add in a couple dozen yogis and things are going to get sweaty! We recommend the fabric be as thin as possible so you dont overheat. Wearing too much clothing or the wrong type of material can be really uncomfortable. If you want more coverage, grab a pair of high waisted leggings that wont dig into your sides as you are in triangle pose. Pair the high rise with a crop top so you dont show more than a few inches of belly. We have an extensive collection of quick drying, lightweight leggings that will keep you comfortable and cool during and after class. 

Our Featured Hot Yoga Brands

Teeki is a popular go to for hot yoga pants and hot yoga shorts. They are made in the usa from recycled water bottles - from a thin material that dries super quick! Their unique boho prints are a yogi favorite. 

Colorado Threads is made from a similar fabric like Teeki but just a tad thicker for more support. They have a 3" elastic-free waistband that will stay up during your downdog. Everything is made in Colorado and you'll notice much of their prints are inspired by the Colorado mountain landscape!

Niyama Sol is known as being J-Los brand as it is her go-to leggings when she graces the magazines with her strong workout bod. Niyama Sol leggings are also made from recycled water bottles and dry super quickly. New styles are offered monthly and the patterns go quick!

Onzie is one of the original hot yoga brands and was actually designed and founded by a 20 year Birkim yogi! Mix and match their hot yoga leggings, shorts and sports bras all made from a swimsuit like material. Also made in the usa!

Hot Yoga F.A.Q.

Before You Go: You’ll definitely want a towel for when things get going during hot yoga. Your regular yoga mat will most likely become super slick without a towel which does not help you plank any better! We recommend picking up one of our cute and functional hot yoga towels and placing it over your mat to absorb any sweat and provide a non-slip surface. Here are some other frequently asked questions before stepping into a hot room for yoga.

What to wear to hot yoga?

A new class can be intimidating Wearing too much clothing or the wrong type of material can be really uncomfortable. A new class can be intimidating - especially when you are doing a new workout in a hot, hot room. We actually wrote a blog post of what to bring to hot yoga so you can know what to expect - and most importantly bring with you!

What makes hot yoga clothes different?

Hot yoga clothing is lighter in weight and dries quicker than some other yoga clothing. For instance, there are brands of yoga clothing that is made from organic cotton that would absorb moisture and not wick away sweat as quickly as you need it to.  There is no harm in wearing hot yoga clothing during other workouts - like hiking or biking, but we would not recommend wearing just any clothing to hot yoga. If you are attending a hot yoga class make sure you are wearing lightweight clothing that dries quickly. Or you may be looking for the exit door during your downward dog. 

Do hot yoga clothes fit differently?

You’ll find that your clothing specifically made for hot yoga fit snug to the body. They are not a compression fit nor are they loose or baggy. Hot yoga clothing is supposed to fit like second skin to your body to mimic actually wearing no clothing at all. The reason is that when you sweat a lot - extra fabric will get heavy and distracting because it will be draping in all different places. If you are not used to tight fitting yoga clothing - you will be grateful you are wearing them during your practice!  Plus, don't feel conscience because everyone else is dressed the same way!

How to care for hot yoga clothing?

With your hot yoga outfits, make sure not to wash or dry them in high heat - as that will break down the stretch component that gives the fabric its shape. Wash them in cool water (machine wash is ok) and hang them out to dry. They dry very quickly so you can wear them in about an hour or so!



✭✭✭✭✭  “I now have 3 pairs of these K-deer leggings! They are amazing, sleek, slimming and stay put. I receive many compliments on them as well. Price on Amazon was less than what they sell for in the studio. Highly recommend!” - Maggie, M.

✭✭✭✭✭   “Very nice shorts! Print is unusual and beautiful. Material is super elastic and even though these pants are low waist and short there's nothing exposed on practicing yoga. I was hesitant about th2 size "one fits al"l but they fit perfect. I'm a size S (2-4)” - Becca, F.

✭✭✭✭✭ “I love my new Niyama Sol leggings! The print is perfect and they are SO soft. Perfect for my sweaty yoga” - Leticia T.

✭✭✭✭✭ “MyYoga Democracy leggings are PERFECT for hot yoga, I didn’t feel all gross and sweaty after and I actually went to lunch before going home. That would have never happened in my other leggings.” - Eva G.

✭✭✭✭✭  “Love Koral active wear, you can wear these pants straight from the gym to a night out or just to be casual. They are so trendy and fit so perfectly! They are perfect for my tough workouts they don't ride up and have great compression to hold everything in! Great for yoga, lifting or kick boxing whatever your workout is they stay in place and keep sweat from the skin! I have 5 colors I absolutely love these pants I get compliments on them every time I wear them if you want great workout leggings and want to stand out of the crowd but feel good too go get a pair of Koral leggings!” - Francine, M.

✭✭✭✭✭  “I LOVE these Onzie Bike shorts. I'm a cycle instructor and needed shorts I could wear in and out of the studio that looked "trendy" and not like I was going on a bike ride for 50+ miles. They fit well, my only note is that I am on the shorter side (5'3, 118lbs for reference) and they are slightly longer then I was hoping. I still like them and out of the studio pair them with an oversized t-shirt/ sweatshirt!” -  Sam, B.

✭✭✭✭✭  “Ordered the animal dusk print in m/l (I'm 5'3, 140 lbs) for cycling classes and these fit perfectly. At my height I really like midi length leggings simply because they land right at my ankle as full length leggings do for people slightly taller than me. This is the 4th pair of Onzie leggings I've owned, and the fabric of these felt thicker than my previous pairs, which I really liked. The high waist pulls everything in and most importantly does not roll down when I am in hot yoga. Will definitely order another pair in a different print!” - Jenn, A.

✭✭✭✭✭  “Onzie got it right with these leggings. They are great for Heated Vinyasa or Hot Yoga. They stay put and don't roll down. They are not see through despite being light in color and they are flattering. Love them!” - Kelsey, S.

✭✭✭✭✭  “I started realizing that my hips and thighs look most flattering with leggings with pockets so I tried out Colorado Threads leggings which are also good for hot yoga. Double win because they are great for yoga but also my go to pair just to walk the dog and stuff. Hoda, T.

✭✭✭✭✭ “There prices are always the best and shipping is fast. Perfect for getting stuff that not everyone has.” - Dailia R.