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6 Features to Look for in Workout Clothing

Whether you’re embarking on a new program or firing up your at-home workouts via zoom, you may be wondering what to look for in clothing for specific workouts. With the right features, your workout clothes can increase your comfort level, keeping motivated & inspired to keep moving.

General workouts require well-fitting clothing so you have full range of motion and are not constantly re-adjusting your clothes. Activities with extreme bending need stretchy clothing that won’t become see-through. Meanwhile, moisture-wicking yet breathable clothes are suitable for high-performance routines that can make you sweat excessively.

Check out these tips on what to look for in clothing depending on your workout so you can feel and look good.


First and foremost, you need to make sure that you are picking out clothing that actually fits you properly. The fit may depend on your height, body shape, and style. Some prefer tight-fitting sports bras to hold the ladies up, while some people look for free-flowing relaxed fit for a casual yin practice at home.   However, you need the right fit to support your muscles, particularly when your training involves jumping.

More than that, high-quality workout clothes not only ensure opacity, they also tend to last longer no matter how complex you move.

For instance, ladies need well-fitting sports bras to support their bust. Over at The Better Fit, they share that more than 80% of women wear the wrong bra size. This can greatly impact your workout, because if your sports bra is too loose during your HIIT session, you won’t get the right amount of support for your chest. The same goes for your workout leggings. Look for high waisted leggings and won’t slip down, along with ones that are not so tight that your stomach feels too compressed


Flexibility is crucial if you’re into hamstring exercises, lunges, yoga poses, or activities with a full range of motions. Thus, your clothes also need to keep up with the stretching and expand properly without flashing your underwear – yikes!

More than that, high-quality workout clothes not only ensure opacity, they also tend to last longer no matter how complex you move.


The most comfortable workout clothes allow ease of movement. You might lose focus if you end up pulling or adjusting the fabric here and there. Regardless of the exercise, it’s essential to maintain a balance between comfort and functionality.

Synthetic fibers, such as polypropylene, spandex, and nylon, are the best in wicking away moisture, keeping you dry and for all kinds of activities. While organic clothing brands are the most breathable, it tends to absorb sweat quickly. Hence, this material may be more appropriate for low-impact yoga such as Kundalini or Hatha Yoga.


Some fitness clothes incorporate supportive undergarments to save you the hassle of finding the appropriate underwear.

Additionally, this feature provides support and protection for sensitive body parts, especially if you include some biking or rowing in your workout.

Movements cause friction, which may then result in chafing or skin irritation. This is why it’s important to check the seams and gusset, so you’ll know if the placement won’t interfere with your workout.

Also, you may consider hoodies, shorts, or leggings with pockets to keep your phone or credit cards close to you (in case you need a snack on your walk)!

Other workout clothes also include an adjustable waist in the form of an elastic or drawstring waistband to prevent them from sliding down.


While compression is optional, this function helps improve blood circulation, and consequently, your breathing. Compression panels can alleviate muscle pain, letting you recover from soreness or fatigue easily.

Compression workout shorts are great for biking, and they can also work well for yoga when you don’t want to wear long leggings.


Even if you don’t mind the colors of your clothes, it’s important you know how colors impact performance. Dark-colored clothes can absorb more light and increase body temperature. For this reason, you may consider light-colored ones during warm workout days.

If you’re doing high-intensity routines or team sports, intimidating colors like black or red may make you look aggressive, giving you a more competitive mindset.

Meanwhile, neutral colors increase a sense of calmness, making them ideal for brain-boosting or relaxing exercises.

As the saying goes, “dress for success!” When you know what to look for in workout clothes, you can achieve a more confident mindset, improve your focus, and reap the benefits of exercising.

What type of things do you look for in your workout clothing? Tell us below we'd love to hear your thoughts!


Rachael (Evolve Staff)



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