Our Top 5 Favorite Yoga Pants

Our Top 5 Favorite Yoga Pants

Here at Evolve Fit Wear, to say we are obsessed with yoga clothes is a bit of an understatement. For us yoga attire is more than just a workout accessory, it’s a way of life. Whether we’re at work, the grocery store, spending time in nature or actually practicing yoga – we’re wearing yoga clothes! When it comes to comfort and versatility a good pair of yoga pants just can’t be beat. And not to mention all the beautiful ways our yoga pants allow us to express ourselves. We can be sparkly, classic, bold, unique, and so much more. That’s why we’ve decided to show our appreciation to our Top 5 favorite yoga pants we are loving right now!

PS- its up for debate if the term “Yoga Pants” incorporates both leggings and flares. We’ve incorporated both here in this post.

1) Koral Lustrous Legging

Koral Camo set

Koral Activewear’s Lustrous Legging (shown in Midnight Camo) is a powerhouse of a legging!

One of our favorite high waisted leggings, these babies provide amazing support and the brands’s signature Infinity Fabric utilizes stretch fabric technology so you get full range of motion and all day comfort.

This special fabric also helps in elongating your limbs for a slim, sleek look (yes please)!

We do everything in this legging which is why we love that their prints are always on-trend and also pretty versatile so they can go with anything. Their bestselling olive camo print is by far one of our #1 selling camo leggings in the bunch AND now you can grab their Sweeper Sports Bra in the same olive camo print and make it a set!

2) Hardtail Bootleg Flare Pant

Hardtail Bootleg Flare Pant
Hardtail Bootleg Flare Pant | Evolve Fit Wear

Hardtail makes an awesome Bootleg Flare Pant is always a customer favorite- people buy them 4 at a time.

We love the versatility of this pant and the breathability and comfort level on a flare is just unbeatable. Our customers overwhelming agree, the Hardtail Bootleg Flare is a forever best-selling pant on our site!

Hardtail is one brand that doesn’t skimp on quality or performance and we love that they are 100% made in USA - by hand- out of Los Angeles!

For a style this classic we love it in black but if you’re not prone to spills check it out in white (also avail in 5 other rotating colors).

Plus they are easy to care for, you can toss them in the washer & dryer and will last hundreds of washes & wears!

3) Onzie High Rise Long Legging

onzie leopard legging

Onzie does a really great job of making yoga leggings that smooth out the skin and support the body.

These high-rise leopard leggings are no different. They are very flattering, stay where they are supposed to be and still offer all the stretch and movement that you need to actually do yoga in them.

As a consistent best-seller, you can’t go wrong with a pair of these. Plus they are also made in the USA!

4) Beyond Yoga Spacedye Leggings

Beyond Yoga already makes really comfortable, soft, form-flattering yoga clothing. They are also passionate about using sustainable practices.

Their business motto “Designed for Women By Women” – they really focus on what women want in the core development stages of their production process.

These buttery soft yoga leggings are great for wearing in an actual yoga class because they stay right where they are supposed to.

Quick-drying and 4-way stretch are two perks for these pants, making them a great addition to your hot yoga clothing collection. Plus they feel like sueded cotton so you will want to wear them when you get home too!

5) K-Deer Leggings

k-deer leggings

All of the K-Deer leggings and capris are pure magic. They are made in the usa from this wonderful stretchy yet supportive material that is anti-bacterial, moisture-wicking, and might just be some of the softest leggings you’ve ever touched. They are an all-purpose pant that adds a little luxury to your yoga experience.  

There are so many other wonderful yoga leggings and brands out there that it was difficult to narrow down to just five. This list is anything but exhaustive, but we hope that it will help you narrow down your choices for your next purchase of yoga leggings.  

Tell us in the comments below – what do you look for in Yoga Pants?



Rachel (Evolve Staff Writer)

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