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  1. Yoga Mat Care Kit
  2. Super Yoga Mat Wash - Mat Cleaner
  3. Beginning Yoga with Chrissy Carter DVD
  4. Vinyasa Flow Yoga Session II DVD with Seane Corn
  5. Vinyasa Flow Yoga Session I DVD with Seane Corn

5 Items

About Brand: Gaiam is the leading lifestyle company for yoga and wellness products, as well as the owners of the largest library for conscious media. Dedicated to environmental responsibility and community partnerships, Gaiam has turned yoga in to big business without losing focus and heart. Gaiam makes a large assortment of yoga mats, props, carriers, videos, and essentially everything else you could ever want for your yoga practice and beyond. From yoga mats to instructional DVD's featuring big name yoga instructors like Shiva Rae and Rodney Yee Gaiam is a huge leader in all things yoga.

Key Pieces: Gaiam's Sol mats are a great reasonable priced mat for beginners. Their Mary Jane No-Slip Yoga Socks are perfect for Barre and Yoga. We love that through Gaiam we are able to offer you accessories like mat cleaning kits which are a must have for any yogi.

Why We Love Them: We love that even with as big as Gaiam has become they haven't lost site of their mission or their adherance to yogic principles. They are big sponsors of community and global events, and work with their manufacturers to ensure a safe working environments and fair pay for all employees who make Gaiam products.



"I replaced my prior Gaiam Mat with this one. I am new to yoga so I bought one without knowing that there is a difference between the thickness. I noticed that I needed more cushion for my knees (old injury) through my practice so I learned I can buy a thicker mat, hence, this purchase. I tried it out last night and it was absolutely better than my prior mat. No slipping either and just enough cushion for my needs. I gave my other Gaiam to my daughter who says the 3mm is comfortable for her. The purple color is relaxing and exudes a happy feeling." (via Amazon.com)

"I use the mat wash after every yoga session. It cleans my yoga mats very well; better than soap and water and it leaves my mat sticky for the next yoga session. It's also good after hot yoga sessions. I also enjoy the clean, herbal scent and that it's more natural than soap." (via Amazon.com)

"This is a very nice bag and is sturdy. i bought a heavy yoga mat from another company and it fits in here just fine. its bigger than i thought. but beware that its not wide enough for the extra wide mats. check widths first. overall good product and i am satisfied." (via Amazon.com)

"This is a great headband, most headbands will not stay put with my thin, straight shiny hair. This one does stay even on runs, jump squats, jumping jacks and it is comfortable!" (via Amazon.com)



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