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Handful sports bras are one of our go-to favorite brands when it comes to supportive workout bras. They make a variety of styles - in multiple colors and patterns. The type of bra you choose depends on a few factors - do you need it adjustable, racerback or a v-cut bra. They cover all the bases when it comes to sports bras. Plus, they are well made so one bra will literally last you hundreds of washes and wears! 

The Story Behind Handful

Founded by Jennifer Ferguson in 2006, Handful is the leading activewear brand for supportive, flattering workout bras. Unable to find a supportive bra that could keep up with her fun, active, and energetic lifestyle, Jennifer launched Handful with the intention to create supportive, flattering workout bras for every body shape. With designs that flatter (not flatten) your chest, these bras will ensure you never have to deal with the dreaded "uniboob" that other sports bras create. Handful's trademarked bra pads not only provide full coverage, and flattering shape, they are also stackable - making these bras mastectomy approved favorites.

Why We Love The Handful Brand

We love that Handful is committed to providing bras that offer the perfect blend of fit, flatter, and function. Handful bras are created by women for women, and it shows. Not only does Handful provide supportive, flattering workout bras for the masses, they are also committed to providing just as many bra options for mastectomy patients and breast cancer survivors. We love that Handful has created a sisterhood of sass and a community where all women can feel supported no matter where life takes them.

Most Popular Handful Bras & Clothing Products

When you look at all of the Handful Bras it will seem overwhelming because there are so many! However, once you drill down you’ll see that there are specific styles repeated in different colors and patterns. The top styles are the 1) Adjustable Bra - adjustable spaghetti straps 2) Y-Back Bra - very supportive y back shape 3) Double Down Bra - double straps (not adjustable but very supportive bra) 4) Fav V Bra - deep v-neck bra - one of our favorite sexy sports bras that we sell.  5) Gametime Bra - very high impact with double straps and a longer torso length 6) Closer Bra - racerback style with a zip front. Within these different styles you’ll notice different patterns and colors released throughout the seasons. 

Handful Y Back Bras

The Y Back Bra is a high impact sports bra that is named as such because the two straps in the back come to a “Y-Shape”. The straps are not adjustable but its super high impact with wide straps so for most customers they dont need to be adjusted. If you have a very short or long torso you may want something that is adjustable like the Gametime or Adjustable Bra. 

Handful Adjustable Bras

The Handful Adjustable Bra is the ultimate everyday t-shirt bra that is medium impact and great for everyday wear. What we love about it is that the straps are not only adjustable but they also disconnect from the hooks in the back and can be worn either criss crossed as a racer style or straight as a spaghetti style. When we need a simple bra to wear under a t-shirt or a thin pullover this is the bra of choice! 

Handful Compression Leggings & Shorts

Handful Leggings have ultimate compression that hold everything in and flatters curves. Their fabric has a 4- way stretch and moisture wicking so they are great for any activity. The waistband is a high rise so no worries about that dreaded muffin top no one likes. Handful only makes simple colors in their leggings and workout shorts but they are one of our favorite staples in the closet! Note: our customers say the bottoms run a tad on the small side so if you are in between sizes - go up a size. 

Handful Bra Sizing 

Handful bras are very true to size. We rarely get size exchanges or returns. Note: all bras come with removable pads so you can choose if you want to wear them or not.  The Handful Bra comes in five sizes: XS, S, M, L and XL.  They start with the questions "What size t-shirt do you typically like to wear?"  That is the size to start with as it will be the right size 90% of the time and we offer free returns and exchanges if it isn't.

If you want to be more formal about it, use a measuring tape around your bust and ribcage and measure in inches to determine what size would fit you best. Handful can comfortably accommodate an A, B, or C cup. D+ cups can wear Handful Bras as an every day leisure, yoga and walking bra, but the higher the cup size, the more your cups might runneth over!



















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