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About Brand: Free Label is dedicated to making timeless basics, but not at the cost of the environment and human rights. Made in Canada, Free Label strives to make all of their garments ethically and sustainably. This collection of classic basics is made in small batches, ensuring little to no waste when creating new garments. Using sustainable (and incredibly soft) fabric like bamboo, organic cotton, and wood pulp, Free Label blends sustainability, comfort, and effortless style. 

Where to Wear it: Free Label's sustainable fabrics are soft to the touch making them easy to wear any day of the week. With simple, classic designs each piece can be dressed up or down ensuring you can wear them whether you're lounging on the couch or on your way to the office. Free Label's bamboo fabric pieces feature natural moisture wicking and anti-microbial properties making them perfect for the yoga studio.

Why We Love Them: We love Free Label's dedication to sustainability. Based in Canada, each piece is made in Toronto or Vancouver using sustainable and ethical practices. We also love that Free Label makes timeless pieces that you can feel good about and feel good in.