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About the Brand: Eagle Rock Werkshop is art on leggings. Talented artist, designer and owner Chriztina Marie has a rare vision for nature, folklore, and eclectic inspired designs printed with precision onto stellar fitting capris and leggings. Back in 2014 Chriztina opened a Kickstarter campaign hoping for her vision of Werkshop leggings to be realized. The response to her designs was amazing, in just over a month Werkshop was a fully funded campaign ready to take on the world with their truly unique yoga leggings. Werkshop continues to have a tight and devoted following proving the continued excellence and exclusivity of the brand. We are proud to be Eagle Rock Werkshop's only online partner and are committed to providing a large collection of Werkshop favorites and brand new styles to satisfy our mutual Werkshop obsession. Werk Hard, Look Good - in Werkshop.

Key Pieces to Look for: If you have an instagram account and follow yoga at all you will have seen Werkshop's King Tut and Dark Sugar leggings blowing up

your feed. Although we do our best to keep these original designs constantly in stock both of these leggings sell out fast and most likely will not be available at all times. Werkshop leggings are made with high standards of quality and testing so the turnaround time is not the quickest but is more than worth the wait. If you want a size or style that is currently unavailable please sign up for the back in stock alerts as we will have that back in as soon as it comes available. Werkshop has made many best-selling prints over the years so if you are looking for something a little more "natural" check out the Mountain, NZ, Galaxy and Rain leggings for some of Werkshop's nature inspired best-sellers. 

Where to Wear: Werkshop is made with an Olympic grade, Italian swimwear material. This unique fabric features an incredibly high compression and support hold. Once on, your Werkshop legging will feel like a smooth second skin, flattering your hips, bum and thighs. This type of compression hold makes Werkshop ideal for any high impact workout and the fabric also features a sturdy, strong finish that is highly resistant to wear, pilling and fading. Go ahead and put your Werkshop leggings to the test, these babies stand up to the most challenging workouts and keep you looking and feeling your best and strongest throughout. Werkshop can be worn for any activity from running, yoga, spinning, to swimming, hiking and specialty classes like dance, sculpt and Barre. Werkshop is also loved by many for heated classes like hot yoga. We do want to note that Werkshop's high compression does cause to run rather small and you can read more about that in our sizing feedback portion below.

Why We Love: What's not to love? Werkshop keeps us from feeling like another one of the crowd with their completely unique and bold prints. Designer Chriztina Marie also has an amazing eye for color and placement so although her prints and are bold and expressive they are also flattering and never "over the top". Werkshop is the ideal way to hit the mat, the fit is so flattering and the prints so eye-catching our asanas just feel so much cooler and eye-popping! No wonder Werkshop has a huge Instagram following with #TEAMWERKSHOP devotees constantly posting amazing pics of their indoor and outdoor poses in Werskhop gear. We admit, getting the right fit is a little tricky and it isn't super fun having to size up for the right fit but these leggings are sooo worth it! Enjoy! 

Sizing Feedback: Very important! Werkshop runs about a full size small. So if you normally would wear a size small we recommend you size up to a medium. Werkshop uses high compression fabric that causes it to fit a lot smaller than other yoga legging brands but once on these leggings feature an extraordinary hold, compression and second skin fit that yogis have fallen in love with around the world. Just don't forget! Size up at least one whole size! If you have any additional sizing questions please contact us by phone, chat or email for more sizing info. We're happy to pull it off the shelf, measure and try on to help you find the perfect fit.

"Love it! Omg these leggings are just awesome! Dont even need to tell more, just buy!- (via Evolvefitwear.com)
"Love it !!! werkshop leggings are not see through and have very good support !!! My favourite!- (via Evolvefitwear.com)
"great pants and great service. comfy, lightweight, great stretch/elastic and super cool looking:)- (via Evolvefitwear.com)
"Werkshop mountain leggings. I am so happy with these leggings. The design is awesome! I like how they are compression pants. They are fantastic for hot yoga!- (via Evolvefitwear.com)
"Active Mummies Love King Tut. My King Tut Tights are fabulous!! Thank you.......they were a big hit at the gym. Everyone wanted to know where I had bought them.I said Evolve Fitwear on the net. The purchase was easy and my order arrived within the estimated period. I will definitely be buying more gym gear from Evolve.- (via Evolvefitwear.com)
"Nice Leggings. cute and original style. Tight with good compression, but still breatheable and not too hot. Definitely recommend!- (via Evolvefitwear.com)
"Amazing Legging, extremely fast shipping! These leggings are amazing. The compression is second to none and the print speaks for itself... Amazing and unique.- (via Evolvefitwear.com)
"Purchase soooo worth it! :) I sooo like the design. Fits like a second skin :)- (via Evolvefitwear.com)
"Beautiful but run small. These pants are gorgeous in person, but they aren't kidding when the say to size up. I am a pretty small person - 5'2", 25" waist, normally wear a size 0 or xs in everything, but I went with a small. Even with the small, the waist on these push out every little bit of fat on my stomach. No chance of wearing anything except a loose top. I highly recommend them, but just be size aware!- (via Evolvefitwear.com)
"Nice fit. I like the fit, it hugs your legs and make your butt look good. The print is sooo nice too. Very artistic! I'm glad I bought it :)- (via Evolvefitwear.com)
"Cute but cut small. The print is nice but the capris are cut very small. I will probably exchange or return them. I bought the Xs but have a feeling S may not fit me either. I usually wear XS or an S.- (via Evolvefitwear.com)
"Jasmine. Love the pattern, however the fit is very tight. I will need to return the item. I love evolve and will continue to buy from the website. I think this is just a one time occurrence. The customer support for the company is excellent.- (via Evolvefitwear.com)
"Love them but very tight. Before purchasing these pants I went thru every review I could find to see how they fit. I ordered a medium and they are extremely tight. I normally fit in a small or sometimes a medium. I recommend sizing up.- (via Evolvefitwear.com)
"In love! In love with the print and the material!- (via Evolvefitwear.com)