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A good pair of workout leggings will turn your workout from a C- to an A+. Get excited to get in the gym feeling comfy and cute in your best self. Here you will find medium to high compression leggings made for your workout from various different brands.  Our criteria for the perfect pair of workout leggings lets you have a full range of movement (squats, jumps, burpees) and feel like you are being supported while doing it. Our high quality workout leggings dont slide down or bunch up while you are doing your routine. Many of our brands make a cute sports bra to match, you'll se it listed on the product page.

Our Most Popular Workout Leggings

These leggings have been tested and true from both us and our customers. Each of the brands of workout leggings fit a bit differently. Its important to get your correct size so you feel supported in your workout without feeling like your leggings are slipping down or squeezing you in too tight.  You’ll see a “size chart” link on each product page that will take you to that brands size chart. 

High Compression Workout Leggings

If you are looking for a thicker pair of high intensity leggings that will hold everything in, look no further. Brands such as Michi, Colorado Threads, Handful and Ultracor are high impact leggings that will hold everything in while doing your routine. High compression leggings are great for running, HIIT, cardio boosts and other high intensity workouts.  See our notes below on how to care for your high compression leggings so they preserve their compression over time. 

Medium Compression Workout Leggings

If you want to feel supported, but need a little extra give - two of our most popular brands are Beyond Yoga and Onzie. They will offer more of a medium support, elastic free waistband, comfortable gusset and cute designs. Glyder is another favorite known for their high waisted leggings and no-muffin top waistband as well. These are all great for lifting weights, cycling, walking and more. See our notes below on how to care for your medium compression leggings so they keep their stretch and elasticity. 

Shiny Workout Leggings

We love feeling like a superhero and you will to in these shiny workout leggings from Heroine Sport and Koral. Both brands offer an elastic-free (no muffin top) waistband, gusset and premium non-see thru fabric. Many customers ask if the shine will rub off during a workout over time and it does not. The shine is built into the fibers of the fabric so there is not a top layer to rub off. Make sure to wash them in cool water and lay them out to dry to preserve the stretch (see notes below on how to care for your shiny workout leggings). 

Leopard Printed Workout Leggings

Leopard prints have been all the rage for years and we dont see them going anywhere anytime soon. We love a versatile leopard print that will match with just about anything. One of our favorite Leopard prints of all time is from Onzie - with their High Rise Legging. It is a good neutral (brown/black) leopard that you dont get tired of. Another favorite versatile leopard print is the Kavala Cheetah legging. It has more of a nude base and they also make a supportive workout bra to match. If you are looking for more of a subdued leopard print, check out Korals “Leopard Lead” - which from far away looks like a black legging but up close you will see the subtle black leopard print. Plus they have a little shine. 

Our Featured Workout Leggings Brands

Most of the brands of workout leggings you will find on this page are made in the usa from premium materials. Glyder is one of our favorites that are known for their striped leggings. Onzie makes medium compression workout leggings with all different prints but their signature are animal prints such as their leopard leggings.  Beyond Yoga is a great brand known for their yoga leggings, but we also love to wear them for our workouts. Their “spacedye leggings” are more of a medium compression legging made from a soft blend of fabric that feels a lot like cotton. Colorado Threads is a bit more compression of leggings made from recycled water bottles, has quick dry and super cute outdoor themed prints! Heroine Sport and Koral are known for their shiny leggings and you’ll feel a bit more of a super hero than you already do. 

How to Wash Workout Leggings?

Its important to preserve the stretch and compression of your workout leggings. How you care for them is important. To wash, flip them inside out and machine wash in cool water. Make sure to not use any harsh chemical treatments or detergents as this can interact with the compression fibers that will make the leggings feel stretched out over time.  Make sure not to dry your leggings. Hang dry or lay flat so you dont heat up the elasticity within the fabric. If you have any questions on how to care for your leggings call or email us using our contact page. We’d love to make sure your workout leggings last as long as possible!