YogaPaws Elite Full Set

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Get your practice on anywhere with these portable yoga mats that go on your hands/ feet!

The Yoga Paws Elite Full Set includes paws for your hands and feet so you can practice yoga anywhere! Wear your yoga paws for anything from hot yoga, practicing at home or even in the ocean.

YogaPaws are literally a super light weight yoga mat that you strap onto your hands and feet so you can practice where ever you go. From the airport while waiting for a flight, or a day trip to the beach. Yoga paws help yoga teachers make the world and the entire studio your mat. Yoga-Paws also provide yoga students with extra support and balance in their practice by helping prevent slipping and getting you deeper into your poses. Yoga Paws are also great for weight lifters, giving you a non-slip grip on the weights and offer excellent wrist support. Practice yoga at home without your mat and put in a DVD or Wii yoga to fit in that exercise you've been missing. Wherever you go remember to pack your Yoga Paws with you and find all the places you can practice.

Yoga Paws are compact and fit anywhere from your purse to your gym bag. They only weigh 5 oz vs a 5-10 yoga mat. Extra padding provides wrist support and fabric is made with natural rubber, eco friendly materials and moisture absorbent lining to keep you dry. There is also a towel lining within the Paws which absorbs 7 times its weight in moisture. Hence the more you sweat the more you stick.

Why we love: Practice yoga anywhere with ease and grace. 
Fabric: Eco-Friendly TPE (yoga mat material) 6mm of cushion. Recycled Natural Rubber.
Care: Flip inside out and put back on your hands or feet. While wearing simply rinse for 60-90 seconds under cold water with gentle soap.

Size Chart
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Size Chart

With your hand flat against a table wrap soft measuring tape around your hand at the widest point (usually the knuckles), and make a loose fist. Note the measurement, round it to the nearest inch, and refer to the chart below to find your appropriate glove size. **FULL SET** Hands and feet packages of YogaPaws complement each other.


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US Size Women's XS Women's Regular Women's L Men's SM Men's Regular
Inches 5 1/2 - 6 1/2" 7" - 8" 8" - 9 1/2" 9" - 10 1/2"
Color Correctoin No
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Great service, great products, great selection
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I recently purchased some YogaPaws from evolve for a friend. I had never heard of this company before, but after seeing how many different high-quality brands they offer and how fantastic the customer service was, I will definitely be purchasing more of my exercise clothing and accessories from evolve! The staff were friendly and helpful and even gave recommendations on local yoga studios in Portland, OR. Definitely would recommend! Review by Sasha R. (Posted on 2/10/2016)
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