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5 Fun Workouts to Strengthen Your Core - Ultimate Ab Workout

As we head into summer and bikini weather, I get more and more requests in classes for core work. As yogis, we know that there is much more to the core than just the six pack muscle (rectus abdominus) and sit ups.


And let’s be honest, boat pose and plank can only inspire you for SO LONG! Here are five creative ways to mix things up a bit while strengthening your core - that are SUPER effective!!


block circles ab workout 

Block Circles

Begin on your back with your legs reaching up towards the ceiling, with a block (on its narrowest width), between your feet.


Start drawing tiny clockwise circles with your feet and gradually let the circle get bigger and bigger. When you have created the biggest circle comfortable for you, reverse the direction of your circle, this time starting large and gradually getting smaller and smaller.


block leg lifts

Block Leg Lifts

Continuing with the block between your feet – your arms can either be beside you with palms facing down, or for a more advanced option, you can take your arms up over head with palms facing each other and thumbs turned down toward the floor. Build these actions with your core:

1) Hug your front ribs together and toward the floor

2) pull belly button toward the floor;

3) and draw front hip points toward each other. Keep all of that engaged as you slowly hug the feet into the block and begin to lower the legs toward the floor (bent or straight, up to you).

Only go as low with your feet as you can maintain the actions of your core and keep your low back happy and pain free. Repeat 5 times, verrrryyyy slowly.


sweeping the floor

Sweeping The Floor

Wearing socks or using a blanket beneath your feet on a hard wood floor (or a paper plate if you’re on carpet) start in plank.

On an inhale, bring your knees into chest under your arms. On an exhale, slide back into plank. Repeat 10 rounds. 

If you need more challenge, keep the legs straight as you slide to standing forward fold and then return to plank.

 sphynx roll up

Sphinx Roll Ups

Start in sphinx pose – making sure that your elbows are directly below your shoulders. Begin to press into your elbows and the tops of your feet, gradually (on an inhale) lifting your ribs, your belly, your hips, your thighs and your knees off of the mat. And then slowly, as you exhale, lower knees, thighs, hips, belly and ribs back onto the floor. Repeat 10 times.



 Mikki Ab Workout

Plank & Side Plank Hybrid

Starting in plank, bring your feet together.

Change as little as possible in the upper body, as you begin to roll to the outer edge of your right foot bringing the bottom half of your body into side plank.

Hold 5 breaths and then repeat on the other side.

Return to neutral plank and step your feet slightly wider than hip width apart.

Now keep the bottom half of your body in plank as you reach your right arm out to the side and begin to reach it up to the sky bringing the top half of your body into side plank.

Hold 5 breaths and then repeat on the other side.

Do you feel it burning yet?? --- (the answer is most definitely!)

Try these and comment below what your favorite (or least favorite) moves are!




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An Oregon yoga and SUP yoga teacher and creator of Yoga + Beer pairings,

Mikki Trowbridge aspires to both inform and inspire. She is known for her anatomically informed and soulfully inspired yoga classes that promise to be a little nerdy, but always fun, flowing and leave you feeling good. Her style creates space for all yogis, regardless of experience, to be challenged and to grow their practice, but also to find ease, confidence, laughter and yogi friends. 


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