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DYI : Define Your Inspiration

DYI Clothing is a new(er) brand on the block. Here is an intro to the brand that is quickly becoming a favorite. With badass printed leggings that are high waisted and all-the-things.

dyi yoga pants

Perfectly timed to fit with your active summer lifestyle, we are so excited to introduce you to DYI.

They are a woman owned brand that is easy to fall in love with.

More than just activewear, DYI is a lifestyle brand that stands to get you moving.

Founder Leslie Denby felt overwhelmed by conflicting fitness messages while trying to improve her well-being.

That motivated her to cut through the chaos with a simple theory. “Do what’s right for your body and your life

dyi clothing

When you look good and feel good, you do good.

DYI Clothing hopes to give you the mindset and confidence to move through life in your best version.

Most importantly to do it while being comfortable in your own skin and the clothes you wear. Inspired by the way each of us moves, DYI asks #whatmovesyou across social media.

Celebrating all types of movement and bodies their messaging and brand goes hand in hand.

“Out of all my activewear DYI is the only brand that has been able to ‘grow’ with me through pregnancy and still fit in a fun and flattering way. I’m so grateful for that, not sure what I’d do without it.”
– @sweatadventures 

Its natural to be inspired by the message behind DYI Clothing.

Especially looking at the healthy and happy mamas who wear their clothing on their IG feed (jealous!).

Encouraging health on the inside and outside is just one of the many things we absolutely love about this top brand. It just so happens that they make great activewear too!

We hope to help you get moving with these great pieces whatever your journey is. 

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Have you tried DYI Clothing? What are some of your other favorite brands? Comment below, we'd love to hear from you!


Sara (Evolve Staff) 

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