Editor's Picks: Portland's Pretty

Editor's Picks: Portland's Pretty

Move over LA & New York, Portland’s fashion scene is growing and we take it to a new level. We have amazing designers and fashion shows, but some of the coolest fashion in Portland is in the streets.

Maybe because we “keep it weird” or because we are forced to constantly layer and unlayer multiple times during the day, but I think that it’s because we’re all about doing our own thing.

You’re more likely to catch Portland’s fashion forward babes hitting vintage shops and thrift stores than be caught dead at a mall.

Marissa Sullivan is the creator of Portland’s Pretty a street-style blog and monthly feature in the Portland Mercury
When she isn’t taking photos for Portland’s Pretty, Marissa is a Model Agent for SLU a local modeling agency.
We think Marissa is the cat’s meow and we love what she does for Portland’s fashion scene, so we had to bring her in to talk fashion and let her play in our activewear.

Portlands Pretty

Scroll down to browse Marissa’s favorite Evolve looks, and then when you’re done hop over to her Editor’s Pick Trends Page!


Tell us about yourself Marissa!!

Before working at SLU agency (a modeling agency) I was in sales for years.

hated it, so I started a Portland street style blog.

Portland’s Pretty on the side. This was my outlet for clothing/fashion, which I’ve loved since I was very young.

I used to tear apart the pages of Sassy, then graduated to Harper’s Bazaar a few years later. I was obsessed with all things 90s supermodels, Carolyn Murphy being my all-time favorite.

I even made my mom take me to the now non-existent “Fashion Café”* on my first trip to New York when I was 13.

So as you can see, SLU has been a great fit for me because it combines my background in sales with my model obsession.

Plus, I was made to look at hunks all day.

I still keep up with Portland’s Pretty.

It’s now a feature once or twice a month in the Portland Mercury so that keeps me snapping cute, well dressed people around town and also gets me out to events that maybe I wouldn’t normally go to! 

Describe your everyday style and fashion influences:

My everyday style is SUPER low key.

Just yesterday I decided I only want to wear like, 5 things, so I’m going to clean my closet out hardcore this weekend!

I have so many things that I’ve bought at second hand stores and garage sales that don’t fit right or aren’t my style at all.  

Day-to-day you’ll catch me in jeans, a sweater and most likely converse in the winter or a t-shirt dress and most likely converse in the summer 🙂

My inbox fills up every day with inspiration from Man Reppeller to countless email blasts from retails shops like Opening Ceremony, Need Supply and & other Stories.

Bloglovin is probably my favorite site because it’s just filled with street style looks from every type of blogger around the world.

Also, duh, Portland is my inspo!

I love the way people dress here, brands don’t matter as much as originality does, which is why I started Portland’s Pretty in the first place.

What do you look for in activewear?

I’ve got a fat ass, so while I love and embrace it, I don’t need to draw any more attention to it than it already gets naturally 🙂

I look for dark colors on the bottom so I always opt for a pair of black leggings to workout in, with some sort of print on the bottom.

I’ve recently (like the past two weeks) grown obsessed with Orange Theory, it’s an hour long workout that combines weight lifting, rowing and running.

Because you’re moving around so much with burpees, squats, and planks, I’ve figured out wearing baggier tops is annoying, so something a bit more form fitting on top is good.

And if the tank is low cut enough, a fun printed sports bra can really become your “flare” accessory, so I usually pick bright colored or leopard prints.

Why you chose the outfits for your layout & photoshoot:

Working at SLU Agency, the work uniform here has become athleisure, that’s our biz casz.

My coworkers and I are constantly running to Barre 3 or Ride PDX on our lunch so my picks are things I could wear to work without my boss getting too upset but also something I could run to the gym in.

Portland was also a big part of my picks. The bridges leggings blew my mind – so cute. So did the “my hood” Mt. Hood shirt.

And for my sports bra picks, I love the pops of color.

I’m also having a pink moment right now because of my hair, so that played into my decision making as well 🙂

Portlands Pretty

Pretty in Pink Pineapples:

Marrisa is rocking the new Strappy Racer Back from Beyond Yoga, paired with the super soft Joah Brown Lazy Day and the Pharaoh Pharaoh Necklace from B.B. Lila Jewlery for a cute pop of color. The Pink Pineapple Goldsheep Leggings complete this cute look!

Portlands Pretty

Portland’s Prettiest:

Nothing says Portland like the Evolve Exclusive Portland Bridges leggings from GoldSheep with the My Hood (Mt.Hood) Crop from Evolve Fit Wear. The Necklace is also a Portland Exclusive from local jewelry designer C. Keene!


Portlands Pretty

Grey Daze:

Many a Portland day is filled with Grey, making the Live in  Slouchy Tee in Slate from Joah Brown a go to pick. The Basic black legging is anything but basic when you add ribbons of mesh like the Rese Mia Legging

Portlands Pretty

We Go Together Like Puppies & Portland: Roadtrips, puppies, and weekend shenanigans are Portland favs. This outfit features pops of pink and mesh leggings.  G
wen Colorblock Legging, a pop of blue from the Beyond Yoga Cut-Out bralette under everyone’s fav Puppies and Yoga sleeveless tee from Puppies Make Me Happy! Thanks so much to Marissa from Portland’s Pretty!
Remember to check out and subscribe to her blog to get all the Portland style inspo!

You can also follower her on Instagram @portlandspretty and catch her on twitter at @PortlandsPretty. 

Portlands Pretty

Thanks for sharing a little about your life!


Laura H. (Evolve Staff)


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