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Benefits of Savasana : Guide from a Yoga Instructor

Like most people my favorite part of a yoga class is savasanna.

If I take an early morning class, I feel like there is no way I can give myself these 5 minutes. I have way too much todo to lay here in my sweaty yoga pants on my slippery mat.

Afterwards, I realize those 5 minutes were the most important part of class.


Complete appreciation for my heart, my lungs, my body, my breath, my practice, my life.

I bring that appreciation for life throughout the rest of my day that lay ahead of me. Its easy to get caught up in our daily activities and not have a moment of silence.

Not the silence you have before you drift off to sleep, but the silence with extreme heightened awareness preparing you for the world.

Step by Step Guide on How to Savasana:

1) Lay flat on your yoga mat
2) Close your eyes 
3) Rest your arms away from your side body 
4) Spread your legs out in front of you 
5) Open your palms upward and relaxes
6) Relax your jaw muscles
7) Tune into how your body feels, how your breath is getting deep & relaxed. Take a few deep breaths or breathe organically.

When I really have some extra time in class (or at home) I get a yoga bolster under my knees & towel over my face for some extra "tune in" time. 

hugger mugger bolsters

Sometimes it will be complete and perfect silence. Other times, the teacher comments on mind-altering subjects that I rarely think about during the much “too-busy” day.

Whatever it is, I like it. And now crave it. 

It is the people around me that peoples calming energy is comfort enough to know this is exactly where you should be right now.

Doing nothing, yet doing everything.

Leave us a comment below. What is the most powerful statement your teacher has said or revelation you have had during Savasana?

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