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Office Pup: A Day in the Life of Brixton The Kid

The only thing that could make working for Evolve Fit Wear even better is spending your days with the cutest Frenchie in yoga world! Evolvers, meet Brixton. It isn’t easy being the team mascot. There is a lot to do, and this little guy seems to do it all!

evolve dog 

Ladies and Gentlemen: we present; A Day in the Life of Brixton the Kid @brixtonthekid

Brixton’s first task of the day is to get his mom, Kyla, up and ready to go. Owning a company that sells the best active wear around can be tricky. Luckily, she has this little guy to help her pick out the outfit of the day.

evolve brixton

Now that Brixton has picked out the best outfit it is time to get ready and head out!

Brixton makes sure to keep us all on point by checking in with our agendas for the day.

 First task of the day is to look super fly as the coolest photo prop in the world! Today Brixton is helping our model and fellow dog-lover, Kristina, show off some of the new Onzie collection!

At lunch Brixton gets a chance to play with some of the other dogs in the building. Today, Stomy the Golden Retriever is helping Brixton burn off some energy before getting back to work!

brixton 3

Brixton works hard to help us use less energy and keep important information out of the wrong hands. That pup is always thinking!

As the day winds down, this guy tries hard to keep going, but sometimes it’s just time to throw in the chew toy.

It’s hard being this cute, but someone’s gotta do it! 

If you need more of this cuteness in your life, remember to follow Brixton on Instagram @brixtonthekid


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