Evolve Yogi Spotlight: Instagram's Robin Martin Yoga

Evolve Yogi Spotlight: Instagram's Robin Martin Yoga

This week’s Yogi Spotlight has us chatting with fellow Pacfic Northwesterner, Robin Martin (IG: @robinmartinyoga).

Her beautiful spirit and aesthetically amazing IG feed has us always excited to see what is next!

She is also one of our favorite customers, and is sweet enough to show off all her Evolve goodies in many of her posts.

We wanted to know more about this high-flying acro yogi, so we jumped at the chance to find out!

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Evolve: We see that you are a RYT teacher based out of Washington State! Can you tell us what inspired you to want to teach yoga?

Robin: I’ve practiced yoga for over fourteen years now. I discovered early on that that it was the only physical activity I had done that quieted my mind.

I didn’t fully grasp the moving meditation aspect of the practice at first, but when I did, there was no turning back.

The style of yoga that I practiced not only made me feel physically wonderful, but mentally clear and calm as well.

When, following the birth of my first daughter, I knew I wouldn’t be returning to my corporate job, I decided I wanted to share my passion with others. It was my hope that they may receive the same benefits I enjoy with every practice.

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Evolve: How has teaching changed your own personal practice?

Robin: I probably practice a little less now as my teaching schedule has taken over some of the time I had set aside for my personal practice.

Teaching is very different from practicing. When I practice, I tune out everything but the teacher’s voice.

When I teach, I’m very much in tune with what’s happening in the students’ bodies. My own practice continues to evolve and I learn more and more with continued education for my teaching.

robin martin

Evolve: We all have days where it is like pulling teeth to get to the mat. How do you stay motivated to proactive? What advice do you have for someone who is struggling with consistency in their practice?

Robin: For me, there are very few days when I’m not motivated to practice. On those rare days, I usually take it as a sign to take a break.

I’m motivated to practice because I know how yoga makes me feel physically and mentally. When I don’t practice, I can feel it in my body and my mood is affected as well.

I do recall those days early on in my practice when it was harder to motivate. I would just remind myself that I never regretted going to a class, but I might regret not going. The benefits outweigh any excuses not to find that time on the mat.

Evolve: You have some pretty amazing acro-yoga pictures on your IG! How did you get into acro yoga? What is your favorite thing about practicing with another person?

robin martin acro yoga

Robin: Thank you! I had been practicing yoga for about 10 years when I began hearing the term “acroyoga” tossed around among my yogi friends. I was curious about the idea of partner practice and wanted to know more, so I sought it out.

Lucky to be in Seattle, I fell into the hands of one of the top acroyoga teachers in the world, Lux Sternstein.

I’ve been studying with Lux on a weekly basis since 2010. It’s hard to pin point one favorite thing about practicing with a partner.

Communication, trust, strength, flexibility and body awareness all contribute to a strong partner practice.

I have a regular partner, Thomas Eagen, and we have developed a strong partnership. I love that when either one of us suggests we try something new, we move forward without hesitation or fear.

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Evolve: You are friends with our previous Yogi Spotlight, Melissa Lee (@Pocketdwarf)! How did you two become friends?

Robin: Melissa and I connected on Instagram originally. We eventually started communicating via email which led to text messages and phone calls. We have a lot in common and friendship feels very natural with Melissa.

It’s amazing to me that social media is responsible for our meeting. The benefits of modern technology!

Evolve: We love that you are always shopping with us! You even have your own coupon code!! Can you tell us what brands you are wearing these days, and why you are digging on them?

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Robin: I love shopping with you and appreciate the coupon code very much! You carry the brands I wear, so I can go to your site and one-stop shop.

I love Teeki yoga pants. They have unique, funky prints and are eco-friendly. I’m a big fan of Spiritual Gangster. I love the messages on the tops.

Liquido leggings are always a favorite – fun prints and a great fit. When I’m going for solids, KiraGrace, K-Deer and Beyond Yoga are my staples – all extremely high quality.

Evolve: We’d love to know more about what you are up to, can you tell our readers about where they can practice with you whether that be in person or in an IG challenge?

robin martin

Robin: Readers can find me on Instagram – @robinmartinyoga – where I post at least once daily, whether it be a pose I’m hosting for a challenge or a pose that may inspire. I can also be found on Facebook as Robin Martin Yoga.

I post most of my class schedule and workshop information there. I teach vinyasa yoga and yoga for athletes in Western Washington.

My acroyoga partner Thomas and I lead acroyoga workshops and three coming up over the next few months. More and more people are coming to my classes that have found me through social media. What a gift!

A huge thank you to Robin Martin! Make sure to follow @robinmartinyoga on Instagram and check out all her amazing posts!

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