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Green Apple Bamboo Yoga Pants - The Ultimate Lounge Pant

We hope you are all having a wonderful holiday eating lots of turkey (or ham) and enjoying the extra stretchiness of your stretchy pants. Speaking of which, one of our favorite stretchy pants is back in stock: the 33" Green Apple Yoga Pant.

They are so comfy because they are made in buttery soft fabric made from bamboo fibers. It is naturally anti-macrobial, quick drying and is by far one of the softest fabric out there. Plus there is just the perfect amount of stretch in the fabric that is supportive yet holds its shape. 

5 Benefits of Bamboo Clothing:

1) Eco-friendly - bamboo has a positive impact on the global environment. It grows quickly and takes very little water to grow. 

2) Sweat-resistant - absorbs up to 70% more moisture than cotton without retaining odor. 

3) Protective against UV radiation - bamboo naturally provides UV protection and can filter up to 97.5% of harmful UV rays

4) Hypoallergenic - bamboo is naturally hypoallergenic which means it doesn't trigger any allergic reactions. Perfect for those with sensitive skin or allergies. 

5) Super soft - the smooth and round structure of the bamboo is the secret behind the fabric being so luxuriously soft. 

bamboo fibers

This must have lounge and yoga pant is almost impossible for us to keep on the shelves but luckily we have a stocked up for the holidays with the great rich chocolate browns, deep sea navy and heather grey. 

However our new batch of 33” yoga flare pants still feature that amazingly buttery soft organic cotton fabric you love and contouring side seams that slim and shape your hips and legs. The Green Apple yoga pants are some of our most popular pants in our organic clothing collection. 

Plus, if you aren't into the classic "flare" pant they have a relaxed Strait Leg Yoga Pant that is more of a strait-leg than tapered around the knee area.

Same fabric and length. If you are looking for a comparison between the two styles, we did a side-by-side below:

green apple pants comparison

For those of you who have loved and worn this pant for years, we wanted to let you know that Green Apple has added the yoke back onto the back of the pant so once again you can enjoy that ultra-flattering look on  your derrière.

green apple yoga pants

Here are a couple reasons we think the Green Apple flare is a perfect gift for yourself or someone else after Christmas, especially if no one got you those stretchy pants you were hoping for!

One, these pants are really, really flattering. A lot of the yoga pants you’ll see around with a similar fit do nothing to hide any problem areas on the buttocks and hips. Green Apple flares feature a medium weight fabric that doesn’t sit heavily and also shapes and flatters your whole look!

Two, they are just too comfortable to take off!

These buttery soft pants come with a flat waistband that never digs in or chafes the skin. Even after hours of wear. We should know, we wear them while typing away at our desks all the time – shh, don’t tell anyone!

And, we adore the new color. This deep chocolate browns is the must have color of the season and a great way to change up your look, especially if you are wearing these pants as often as we are.

So, if you get bored during your Christmas break, head over to our shop and grab one (or two) of your favorite yoga pants and bring a little cheer to yourself even after the pie is gone.

Merry Christmas and A Happy New Year!

Your Evolve Gals

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