How to Date a Yoga Girl

How to Date a Yoga Girl

Three Ways to Win over her Heart Chakra If you have found yourself head over heels (quite literally) in downward facing dog or some intricate yoga posture trying to impress that bendy yoga girl in her bootylicious teeki leggings, you may be doing it wrong, or simply trying too hard.

Contrary to popular belief you don’t have to be a yogi in order to date a yoga girl, you just have to remain open and receptive to all the quirks, perks, and eccentricities of her dynamic personality.

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That means when we talk about the stars (like the zodiac) don’t tell us to take our heads out of the clouds and when we talk about sex in a tantric way, don’t blush or become intimidated.

Stay open, and we will too.

A yoga girl will most likely throw your heart into a whirlwind of kaleidoscopic emotions.

If you think you are ready to keep up with her emotionally and physically, you are on your way to one of the most passionate, spiritual and chakra-shaking love-affairs you will ever experience in this lifetime. So what does it take to win the over the vibrant heart of a yoga girl?

1. Don’t try too Hard or attempt to Dominate us

Yes, so we are slightly, shall I dare say fanatical about our yoga practice and for the most part we are adept in basic yoga philosophy such as the Yoga Sutras, Patanjali and have at least read a spiritual text or two out of the Bhagavad Gita.

If those words sound like gibberish, and you are currently chasing after a yoga girl, I suggest you learn at least some basic yoga terminology.

You don’t however have to be a yoga guru to win the heart of your yoga girl and you don’t have to show off for us.

First and foremost we just want authenticity and that goes hand and hand with humility.  

That means don’t try to be all worldly, if you are not.

Also, we like your muscles but flexing them won´t win us over. Be confident, not cocky, we are strong too and we won´t be afraid to get all spiritual gangster on you if we feel as though you are pushing us into a corner.

2. Take us off the Pedestal

Yes we meditate and have mastered savasana in the sense we can put ourselves into a deep dream-like trance without blinking an eye. We try and live by the mantra, ¨Sabbe sattā sukhi hontu, may all beings be happy¨ but the fact is, we are still human beings and if someone or something upsets us we may explode and sometimes chocolate is the only thing that will calm us down.

Don’t tell us to ¨go meditate¨ we are not perfect and we don’t try to pretend like we are.

If you are looking to win over the heart chakra of a yoga girl, be there for us when we are vulnerable, mixed up and crying our eyes out. We will appreciate you for caring for us in our non-yogic like states the most.

3. Experiment between the Sheets.

So let´s skip the tea party and get straight to the biscuits.

Sex and intimacy is important for a yoga girl. As a general rule of thumb yoga girls have cultivated (or are in the process of) cultivating a new and empowering sexuality surrounding their bodies.

We are not afraid to bend, move, and twist in all sorts of precarious ways and we want a man who isn’t afraid to either.

You probably have a few fantasies that have brewing in your mind about being with a yoga girl and we want to know about them.

Communicate with us, be open-minded and up for experimenting.

Treat us with respect, but don’t be afraid to throw us around a little and let us do the same to you.

Afterwards, let us express how we feel, spiritually, emotionally and physically. If you listen, you are surely on your way to enjoy another entrancing sacral (sexual chakra) experience and will have us screaming NamAAAAHHHste!!!

 What are your questions about dating a yoga girl? 

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xxo Jenna Hall 

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