Who Says We Can’t?: Running Errands in Our Activewear

Running errands in our activewear is our fave! Activewear outside of the gym is comfortable, practical fashion for everyday wear.

To some, leggings outside of the gym might seem like a fashion faux pas. Most critics will say that leggings are definitely “out” and never coming back. Let’s get real, leggings are comfy as hell and make our butts look good, too! So, according to millions of women everywhere who are still rocking their leggings, they’re here to stay!

Read on for our favorite activewear that you can wear in and out of the gym, and tell those haters to get lost!

Spiritual Gangster

Spiritual Gangster Activewear
Spiritual Gangster Dreamer Tech Crop Bra

With fun graphics on basics and flirty designs alike Spiritual Gangster is the perfect brand to run your errands in! Not only will you slay those errands in style, you can also pull double duty and head straight to the studio after finishing your to-do list. While we wouldn’t tackle a marathon in Spiritual Gangster, their activewear pieces (like this Dreamer Tech Crop Bra) are perfect for yoga classes, light workouts, and (yes, girl!) everyday style!

Puppies Make Me Happy

Puppies Make Me Happy Lifestyle & Activewear
Puppies Make Me Happy The Motto Sleeveless Tee

No one can hate on puppies, and if they do tell them “byyyye!” because you don’t need that kind of negativity in your life. Puppies Make Me Happy makes fun graphic tees (like the Motto Sleeveless Tee) that are perfect for both light workouts and (of course) style every damn day! With graphics that have puppies enjoying everything from fitness to food, Puppies Make Me Happy tees fit right into your workouts and your weekends!


Onzie Activewear
Onzie High Basic Midi Legging

With silky smooth fabric, and a whole arsenal of stylish activewear, it’s no wonder why Onzie is one of our bestselling brands! You can go from a sweaty hot yoga class to running your weekend errands thanks to their quick drying fabric that dries in minutes. Stylish designs like cut-outs, mesh, and cool prints (like the Onzie High Basic Midi Legging), give you more than enough style to strut down those grocery aisles like its fashion week in New York!

Despite critics everywhere, we still say anyone and everyone can wear yoga leggings and they can wear them wherever the hell they want, too! Most of all, wherever you wear your activewear, whether it’s in the gym or on the street, we’ve got your back! All we have to say is SLAY, GIRL, SLAYYY!

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Sara Rosario
Product Guru

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