This week for our Staff Picks Saturday, we’re featuring Evolve Owner & HBIC (Head Babe In Charge), Kyla Smith. Kyla is one of those entrepreneurs who has a dream and makes it happen.

She started Evolve in 2006 as a little pop-up shop that would set up in boutique gyms all over Los Angeles. 

A few years later as the demand for Evolve’s small label activewear brands grew, Kyla packed up, moved to Portland, invested all her savings, and taught herself to develop and run an e-commerce site.

Evolve has grown in the last few years to a full team of amazing women who collaborate and create this go-to site to find the best of the best in activewear.

 Kyla Smith - Evolve Fit Wear Owner

Tell us about yourself: and your style: I don’t put a lot of time into getting dressed in the morning, so I have my go-to pieces that I know are simple, easy, that I feel great in.

On an average day,  it consists of a pair of leggings with pockets (to hold my phone when walking around) with a sports bra or tank and an oversized tee. If I need to feel a little more “businessey” I’ll layer on a jacket or blazer.

printed leggings

I love accessorizing! It dresses up a workout outfit and it turns a “workout outfit” to a “business outfit” in an instant.

I’ll wear an outfit I would typically wear to yoga-  layer on a blazer, chunky jewelry and some boots. That way I don’t have to change before yoga, just take off a few pieces!

sparkle leggings - spiritual gangster tee


Tell us a little about why you chose the items in your layout:

Sparkle Leggings -  I love pockets in my leggings but I also have about 50 different sparkle leggings that are my absolute favorites! They are so fun to dress up and also get a quick workout in between computer sessions throughout the day. Plus you feel a little like a super hero when wearing them.

Strappy Sports Bra -  In the summertime Im typically wearing flowy tank tops (that end up having your sports bra peek thru. I love these simple and comfy sports bras with medium support so I dont feel like Im wearing anything. 

Spiritual Gangster TanksI live in flowy tees and tanks that are easy to pair and can layer over a simple t-shirt bra. I love all the funny yet cheeky sayings the designer puts on their tanks. Always a good laugh or a little inspiration for the day. 

Jewelry: Love layering necklaces and pairing them together

Hat: If I don’t have my hair up in a bun, I’ll probably have a hat on!

Brixton: Brixton is my fur baby. He is the perfect office dog! It’s so cute as each morning we come to work he makes sure to go and say hi to each staff member.

Phone & Laptop:  Last but not least I never leave home without my electronics - no way jose!

Kyla Instagram

Thanks so much to Kyla for taking time out of her crazy busy day to tell us a little bit about herself.

This woman is pure inspiration, and an absolute pleasure to work for.

She makes you want to work hard and it’s impossible not to want to build this company with her! 

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Twinning for the day- Celia & Kyla
Horray its MONDAY!! Cant wait to get the week started!
Welcoming committee @evolvefitwear
xxoo Laura Helms (Evolve Staff Writer)
sparkle leggings tank tops

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